Oh dear, how sad.

Everyone knew this was coming when David Cameron said he wanted to privatise everything apart from the courts and certain areas of national defence.

But the police have become so used to taking enhanced pay-and-perks deals from successive Conservative governments that they didn’t feel the knife going into their collective back until the Tories started twisting it.

To the police: The Conservatives never considered you to be colleagues; they saw you as useful political pawns, to put down unrest from the people – which is a perversion of your original purpose, which was to be “of the people” yourselves.

Next time a demonstration takes place against the Tory Government, instead of doing your best to undermine it and bring it into disrepute, perhaps you should consider joining it.

The Government is not listening to police officers and should begin to do so, the chair of the Police Federation has said.

Steve White argued that a recent fall in crime was “despite” government policy, not because of it.

Source: The government is not listening to police officers, the Police Federation’s chair says – UK Politics – UK – The Independent