Good stuff from John Mann.

He’s promising a manifesto tomorrow. Let’s see what he has to say…

Somebody had to win, so the known devil returned, because our offering was so monochrome that it appealed to nobody, not even ourselves.

“I want to be your leader. I will work hard. I will redouble our efforts.” Everything is incredibly important. At his tour of Britain launch, which I hosted in a Worksop factory, Ed found things incredibly important on 18 occasions. Twice he redoubled his efforts (why were we only half trying before, some might ask). Meanwhile Cameron redoubled his redoubling. “I am trying. I am trying harder”. We are all very trying. Then at the end they were ready. I am ready said Ed. Now Andy has told us he is ready. Chukka was ready, but he’s changed his mind. I am sure the others are ready too and everyone will redouble their efforts.

Colour is what we need.

Source: A monochrome party in a colourful society – John Mann