Nicola Sturgeon demands veto over wind farm subsidies – Telegraph

She thinks she can tell Cameron what to do.

The response should be interesting.

The First Minister says the UK Government should not cut taxpayer funding for onshore wind without her permission as energy experts warn about the cost.

Source: Nicola Sturgeon demands veto over wind farm subsidies – Telegraph

4 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon demands veto over wind farm subsidies – Telegraph

  1. Iain Moncrieff

    Mike, I think it’s time to stop bashing the SNP until a decent Labour leader is elected. Ms Sturgeon wiped the floor with other party leaders in pre- election debates. She wiped you out in Scotland and is currently the only opposition leader to have a go at the government.
    Save your energy for the Tories -the real villains in Parliament.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      This blog comments on current British politics.
      I notice you’re not asking me to stop bashing UKIP, where a candidate has admitted he is a Nazi.
      Labour’s leadership has nothing whatsoever to do with the SNP.
      Your opinion of Nicola Sturgeon is up to you, however she certainly didn’t wipe me out in Scotland.
      All the above considered, your arguments aren’t making any sense.

    2. Andy Peacock

      Iain, I think the SNP “bashing” will probably ease off when they stop going on about powers over this, veto over that, and start delivering on their many missed manifesto pledges since they came into power.

      Do other parties miss their pledges? Yes, of course. But the SNP has put itself on a pedestal by saying they are the voice of Scotland and the only genuine left-wing party left, whilst taking great delight on Westminster corruption etc. So it’s time they were measured by their own rhetoric.

  2. paul

    The SNP wanted a Tory government that is why they targetted Labour so they got what they wanted hopefully they will enjoy the next 5 years I know that I will not

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