Nearly half disability benefit claimants have a mental illness – Telegraph

Just a thought: Could this possibly be due to the appalling way the DWP treats benefit claimants?

Is a government department responsible for a rise in mental health disorders among the citizens of the UK?

The Institute for Fiscal Studies highlights the ‘dramatic’ rise in the number of people claiming disability benefit because they have a mental illness

Source: Nearly half disability benefit claimants have a mental illness – Telegraph

9 thoughts on “Nearly half disability benefit claimants have a mental illness – Telegraph

  1. Mr.Angry

    This was inevitable what did they expect, they know darn well what they are doing, death by a thousand cuts and planning more. Back door genocide.

  2. foggy

    It’s a well known fact that people who have no other choice than to claim sickness and/or disability benefits through physical conditions then end up with mental health conditions due to the high and continuous levels of stress through having to jump through hoops of barbed wire, getting the wrong information from the DWP,sanctions, delayed process of claims, delayed payments and the awful WCA.

    They’ll just put this down to ‘unintended consequences’ not that their policies are wrong and need overhauling/scrapping !!

  3. A-Brightfuture

    The appalling lack of mental health understanding and services, are possibly the main contributor to people claiming benefits, and apparently the cuts are going to get worse.

    However, once the DWP has their claws into claimants with mental health issues, then the problems only get exacerbated by the complete lack of knowledge of the individual’s issues.

    Behind every mental issue there is a journey of how the person “got there”, and every journey is different.
    The trouble is, the DWP do not deal with feelings and emotions, they deal with fact and ‘one size fits all’.

    ‘One size fits all’ does not exist in any way, shape or form in human life.

    I do feel that those at the top with mental health training are using their knowledge in a negative and manipulative way, instead of compassion and understanding.

  4. jaynel62

    your “thought: Could this possibly be due to the appalling way the DWP treats benefit claimants?” was precisely the same as mine – Great Minds or Fools Mike? 🙂

  5. Nick

    The government have always known this and by putting extra pressure on certain individuals they know they will go on to take there own life and stay on the right side of the law when there dead

    all of the sick and disabled people who i know who live alone have all succumbed, to mental illness over the past 5 years and never leave the house under any circumstances and most have died and whose deaths have never been reported to the police or the press

    These are known as the silent deaths and only god knows on their numbers countrywide hopefully the press will do more in there research to uncover their numbers so that those who have Hitlers tendencies to kill off all sick and disable don’t succeed because if left unchallenged that is what will happen and with a conservative majority the future of this group of people will be no more and all will die in the long term

  6. jeffrey davies

    it was the fight to get your benifits that did it 6yrs three of them no mental illness but sadly like all surcumb to it sadly this government cant or wont change culling the stock has rtu ids said jeff3

  7. amnesiaclinic

    It’s not just the DWP though that is bad enough. Are you aware what is happening in Botton where there is real support being provided that is being destroyed by a corporate takeover? (Land grab again??)
    Again, sorry to sound like a cracked record but the only way is to fight it at the local level. Fortunately Botton has issued a legal challenge and the Houseparents really care but we do need to fight for local support services which by no coincidence are being removed very, very quickly.

  8. b w

    All part of the bigger nasty party plan to eliminate the mentally ill.
    Pile on the pressure and wait for the suicides. Evil or what

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