Clearly something has gone bizarrely wrong with democracy within the Labour Party in Scotland, and responsible party members need to sort it out quickly.

Stories like this present a wide-open goal for the SNP, who will exploit any implication of impropriety or division within Labour ranks. The general election result can show how damaging this can be.

Put simply, this means no intimidation of Scottish members of the Labour Party by any ‘party machine’ – and no implication of the same if it isn’t happening; it means Labour in Scotland needs to divest itself of any patrician-like attitude to the Scottish people and actually listen to what they say they need, rather than trying to tell them what’s good for them; and it means Labour must put together a message of hope for the future of Scotland, independent of the SNP that has only achieved its victory through lies and smears.

Scottish Labour MSP Ken Macintosh needs to “spell out” his accusations against the “party machine”, a former first minister tells the BBC.

Source: Henry McLeish enters Scottish Labour ‘bullying’ row – BBC News