Privatised, renationalised, privatised again… and all the while, the taxpayer has been paying massive amounts in subsidies for whichever profiteer is in control at the moment.

There’s a better way – and it doesn’t involve private companies ripping us all off.

Network Rail could be stripped of some of Britain’s biggest stations under new privatisation plans being studied by ministers, it emerged.

The not-for-profit body, which was effectively renationalised last year, runs 18 major stations across the country, including Birmingham New Street, Liverpool Lime Street and London Paddington.

But the Treasury wants to split up its empire so it can focus on maintaining 20,000 miles of track.

Officials are also investigating whether providing wireless internet for passengers and giving signalling information to drivers can also be privatised.

Source: Network Rail could lose major stations under new privatisation plans by Tory government – Mirror Online