Social mobility has come to a halt – Telegraph

This is notable for two things: Firstly, that the Torygraph is accepting what has happened in the UK under a Conservative government; secondly, that Alan Milburn is writing for the Tory rag.

Milburn was a New Labour MP but some of us always knew he was a quisling.

Inequality and a lack of movement at the top and bottom of our society are issues that David Cameron could make his crusade over the next five years – and deliver real progress on, believes Alan Milburn

Source: Social mobility has come to a halt – Telegraph

3 thoughts on “Social mobility has come to a halt – Telegraph

  1. Chris

    New Labour is a quisling for the Tories, said on Vox Political?


    The world’s coming to an end.

    Someone on Vox Political saying that Labour is more Tory than the Tories, shown by Balls losing to a Tory.

    But about right for an out of touch politician, to talk about social mobility up fromt he bottom of society.

    Oh really.

    More like we’re getting more deep into in-work poverty.

    New terms lost on Labour like Precariat class and Salariat class.

    The Salariat class fast dwindling so the cause of millions of lost members to trade unions.

    The rise of the Precariat unable to join a trade union as too transient in work.

    The SERPs opt out wipes out not just the years you were contracted out, but most of entire National Insurance record, even when not opted out.

    Lowest forecast for retiring next year so far.

    £8.39 per week

    After 45 years in work.

    Sign the petition whatever you age. It will hit you one way or another.
    With new pensioners, with no other pension provison in life, left in this poverty.
    Pensioners are the bulk of the customers on the high street.

    Share me petition widely in your Facebook and Twitter pages.
    I’m too old to do so, and anyway this computer is in IT years even older than me.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You seem very keen to misinterpret me.

      I said one New Labour politician was a quisling, not all of them!

      (Although it’s extremely doubtful he was alone).

  2. amnesiaclinic

    It’s not a bad article but he does say ‘welcome’ reforms of education and welfare!

    Otherwise the committee he chairs did their homework and found – guess what- a small elite from private schools dominate top jobs and political life!

    I think we all knew that.

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