May goes to war with the police – Westminster

It’s time to choose sides, it seems – a choice that would have been much easier if the police themselves had sided with the people at the appropriate time…

… which was, basically, whenever a Conservative government tried to use them as political weapons against the people.

The police will have their powers chipped away across multiple fronts, after Theresa May used the Queen’s Speech to put forward a raft of tough measures against them.

Source: May goes to war with the police – Westminster

1 thought on “May goes to war with the police – Westminster

  1. M de Mowbray

    There have been many well reported failures by the Police in recent years and there does need to be improvement, more transparency and more accountability. However, Maynot’s confrontational attitude is completely at odds with traditional Tory support for the Police, even when the Police did err.

    This new attitude speaks clearly of an intention to Privatise the Police. Every other Privatisation was heralded by constant lambasting, under-funding, undermining and even sabotaging the organisation for years in order to con the public into thinking that Privatisation was needed to end poor performance.

    I imagine American and other foreign security Corporations are already paying handsome Lobbying fees, Donations to Tory Party and all manner of career opportunities, perks and junkets to Tory MPs and Ministers.

    I thought the Armed Services were more likely to go first, but it now seems to be the Police. It might not happen in this Government’s life, but in a future Tory government.

    Their belief in Privatisation is like fervent Religious Dogma: no matter how much evidence and even proof exists that Privatisation does not provide the promised results and only gives foreign corporations a licence to print money, Tories still fervently believe that they are the only wise men, and everyone else is wrong.

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