The government just banned everything

Remember when this blog described the Conservatives as the Party of Restriction, only a few days ago? Here’s the proof.

Even by the standards of modern legislation, the psychoactive substances bill is startlingly inane. It seems to ban any substance which can cause a mental or emotional reaction. As must be obvious, that’s almost everything in the world. Did this taste remind you of your mother’s cooking? It’s a psychoactive substance. Did it bring you a moment of happiness? It’s a psychoactive substance.

The government is about to ban almost everything.

Source: The government just banned everything

10 thoughts on “The government just banned everything

  1. paulrutherford8

    Hahaha! So, I expect that the morphine the GP prescribes me for my bad leg will be banned… after all it gives me such pleasure as the pain recedes…

    Oh no! What about my wife? Bloody hell… she’s a carbon-based compound that also brings me an occasional modicum of pleasure.

    And she likes a cup of tea!

  2. joanna may

    Why are you upset that drugs are banned? A caveat has protected prescribed medications, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and all food items, curiously excluding hot chocolate. And it looks like the human rights may be safe and fox hunting has not made it into the speech, so it might not be repealed? Hopefully!!!!

    1. John cuthbert

      They have not banned drugs have they? they have banned everything. Do you really think it’s sensible to put heroin and chicken soup in the same category?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Nobody is denying that the supply of some substances is harmful and should be restricted. The point of the original article was that the Conservatives have been completely stupid about it and, in their wording, managed to propose banning everything (or as near to it as makes no difference).

  3. John Gaines

    That’s Mandy screwed then, whatever he takes/gives should be on the poison list, he exudes enough of it to paralyse the Labour Party.

    Fancy that, The Tories doing us a favour.

  4. Jim Round

    This, and the “war on drugs” is a fallacy and a huge waste of money.
    When are they going to realise that you can’t stop people doing what they want to do.

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