Liz Kendall ‘will back white working-class young’ | Politics | The Guardian

Labour’s identity crisis grinds on. Is this woman trying to turn Labour into the BNP?

Children from white working class backgrounds in particular need to be taught more about aspiration and the chance to improve their lives, Liz Kendall, one of the Labour leadership candidates, has said.

Source: Liz Kendall ‘will back white working-class young’ | Politics | The Guardian

15 thoughts on “Liz Kendall ‘will back white working-class young’ | Politics | The Guardian

  1. Nick

    The golden rule in politics is you do not talk about a person’s colour the only thing that is of any concern is one’s character

    If Liz Kendall views are replicated throughout the labour party then indeed the party is finished if that is the best she can come up with

    You take a country forward by inspiring everyone sick and old young and poor on a journey that brings about aspirations along with fairness and equality so that everyone knows that they are valued even if they are sick or disabled they still have a value and we must never lose sight of that fact

    I doubt tho anyone from labour will ever get on my political level as i never see that inclusiveness from any political party that is needed to go forward in a manner that unites a country

  2. Ian

    Right. So kids (regardless of background, really, despite her desperate and exclusionary language) are supposed to be ‘aspirational’ (and I will bite someone if I keep hearing that)? Neoliberalism/globalism has seen to it that the only thing most youngsters can aspire to is a badly paid job in Primark or a mobile phone shop or standing around trying to persuade people to change gas suppliers. Why on Earth would anyone of sound mind actually aspire to that? Does she think people are bloody stupid?

    If I was 18 years old again I’d be out of this dump in a heart beat.

    And to think I thought I had it bad under Thatcherism in the north east of England as a kid. That must have been a stroll on the beach compared to what the poor buggers that age have to live with now.

  3. martin

    you don’t know what you are talking about Kendall…..white and working class……..when have you ever come into social contact with them?

  4. Chris

    Oh dear Liz Kendall is way behind the times.

    There is the biggest inter marriage rate between poor whites and Afro Caribbean poor blacks that has been going on generations now.

    Education is not high on their agenda.

    Being hungry and living in crap private rental with eviction if they complain of unsafe homes or with the anxiety of social housing eviction stalking their days.

    Social housing that can have rotten bottoms of front doors letting in the rain and the rats.

    Or in one flat up high in a block of flats with merely a thin wooden exterior wall that had cracks where you could see the sky.

    Teaching these poor white/black race about ‘aspirating and bettering their lives’ is just Tory crap.

    Bin dipping for food on the way to school and living hand to mouth every day, with the chance of ending up in a tiny Travelodge room with the entire family, so no room for quiet homework or having a computer to do it.

    So this poor white/black race are part of the career criminals, where crime pays.

    No job they could possibly get will pay as much as crime.

    Selling drugs, burgling, mugging, car theft of and from.

    And they will not vote or register to vote. They couldn’t care less about politics.

    Liz Kendall is a Tory, I’m sorry to say.

  5. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    All I require Mike is just One potential leader for the Labour Party to clearly state their intentions rather than all the waffle that has been going on. One minute I feel that I like the sound of a certain contestant and then the next I find that they have changed course a little.

    So far I can’t find any enthusiasm for anyone.

  6. tiddk

    It really does depend on whether you believe the Guardian headline, or the interpretation of what she actually said : one interpretation is that she was saying that ‘potential skinheads’ would benefit from re-education. I have no quarrel with that.

    (The quote from LK doesn’t use the word “back” at all – it COULD just be media spin. We need to know more.)

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      “Potential skinheads” now, is it?
      Who decides whether people are likely to turn in that direction?
      What conditions have been forced on them that might make them consider it?
      My problem is that she is dividing when she should be including – everybody, not just the white working-classes.

  7. sherdian0

    Does it matter what color their skin is?! They a leadership contest however it seems to me so far that all of them are becoming more and more closer to the Tory’s every day. Why don’t they just leave labor and join the Tory’s.? I want an alternative to the Tory’s to vote for not a Tory party by another name?

  8. Timro

    In the end it will be Burnham or Cooper elected leader of the Labour party. Kendall hasn’t got a snowballs’ chance in hell. I wish someone with moral fibre, political genius, charisma and a compassionate heart, fizzing with great ideas, would step forward and be elected Labour leader but unfortunately, as we all realise, no such person exists.

    So it will be either Burnham or Cooper.

    Neither of which will get Labour out of the bind it’s currently in.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I think such people do exist, but nobody seems willing to come forward and challenge the current – is it “orthodoxy”?

  9. hoverfrog

    It’s the problem with UKIP gaining such popular support in the last election. Politicians cannot now just ignore them as a fringe racist group. They have to address issues raised that apparently concern the public. She’s playing at appealing to the voting base to win back support from UKIP.

    I hope that’s what she’s doing anyway. I may be too charitable in my interpretation.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      But then we’re back to Tony Benn’s idea that politicians are either “signposts” or “weathercocks”. The weathercocks – like Liz Kendall – point in whichever direction the wind is blowing as they chase votes they’re never going to have. The signposts say, “This is what we are about; this is what the country needs” – and stick to it. What we need in charge of Labour at the moment is a signpost person.

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