Benefit cap could drop 40,000 children into poverty, leaked memo warns | Politics | The Guardian

Internal government assessment seen by the Guardian shows lowering of welfare cap will be disastrous for families if parents are unable to find extra work

Source: Benefit cap could drop 40,000 children into poverty, leaked memo warns | Politics | The Guardian

7 thoughts on “Benefit cap could drop 40,000 children into poverty, leaked memo warns | Politics | The Guardian

  1. Philip burdekin

    It is known that the tories don’t actually give a damn, those who voted for them are just as much to blame..
    I dare say that if people can’t afford child minders they will need to take care of the children them at home, less money to spend and children carers will lose thier jobs as jobs one can a.fford the high fees.
    this idiotic government don’t care as long as they make money, they are killing our economy and no one seems to give a sh** apart from a few and not enough of us to go to war

    1. Adam Clifford

      It is clear that the unemployed,the working poor,the sick and the disabled are the ‘untermensch’ in this brave new,tory world.Not a christian groan,Just boots on the neck.
      Shaming and shameful,if there was any shame in these monsters.

  2. chriskitcher

    But many of the Labour contenders are in favour of a benefits cap. We already have some of the poorest in work benefits in the EU as well as some of the lowest wages.

    Why the hell are those who are supposed to be opposing this rotten government aren’t making the case for improved benefits to match the EU levels fails me.

    Will we ever get back to being a decent country and society once more and really make a determined start on reducing inequality?

  3. NMac

    As long as they make themselves and their wealthy friends richer and richer, they don’t care a jot for the rest of us. Tories never have and never will care about the majority in society.

  4. Steve Grant

    Then Tories will do it,these species of human are the very lowest of the low…they have no morals and it’s no good people wringing their hands in despair…..They voted for them and now must reap the whirlwind of cuts and no hope……The UK people are gradually being replaced with cheap labour….from everywhere you can imagine…I say to the young go and leave the UK because by the time the people in the UK get around to finally kicking out this government for good your young lives will have gone and you will be left on the scrap heap……

  5. Tony Dean

    The high court has ordered an urgent judicial review into the benefit cap and its impact on disabled people and their carers, it has been announced today.

    A claim by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith to have the case dismissed was unsuccessful and the High Court ruled that the case should proceed to a full hearing, no later than October this year (2015).

    The judgement comes soon after the Supreme Court ruled that the benefit cap breached children’s rights, meaning it could result in them not receiving “adequate food, clothing, warmth and housing, the basic necessities of life”.

    The Government recently admitted that the benefit cap could have “unintended consequences” for victims of domestic violence and amended the legislation to exempt those in women’s refuges.

  6. amnesiaclinic

    The problem is going to be when the tories dismantle human rights here. Will children even have any? It’s no good saying the UN will come to the rescue – they are just toothless and this lot stick up their fingers at them.
    This wonderful young French politician has achieved success in France with forcing through a law that makes supermarkets give their unsold food to the poor and homeless. He is amazing. His philosophy is, if enough people around the world want it then we will get it! Listen to his definition of a politician – someone who wants to improve life for citizens!
    We need to remind our MP’s of this.

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