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The high court has ordered an urgent judicial review into the benefit cap and its impact on disabled people and their carers, it has been announced today.

A claim by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith to have the case dismissed was unsuccessful and the High Court ruled that the case should proceed to a full hearing, no later than October this year (2015).

The judgement comes soon after the Supreme Court ruled that the benefit cap breached children’s rights, meaning it could result in them not receiving “adequate food, clothing, warmth and housing, the basic necessities of life”.

Source: High Court Orders Benefit Cap Judicial Review | Welfare Weekly

13 thoughts on “High Court Orders Benefit Cap Judicial Review | Welfare Weekly

  1. Nick

    it would be nice if the bbc/itn provided this type of news as as there are many types of news like this in which the bbc/itn should be broadcasting and they aren’t and with regret is not valid as welfare weekly is not a legal source of news and we get so much of this type of news from them over the years but it always ends up in a dead end and goes nowhere

    It is not your fault mike but if it is not on the bbc then with regret it’s not valid as there is no way the public will ever engage with such a small publication such as Welfare Weekly

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      “A legal source of news”?
      After 21 years as a reporter, I don’t know what you mean by that!

      1. joanna may

        I don’t see it matters being in the mainstream news, it doesn’t make it any less true?!! Yay you may have justice at last!!!!

      2. Nick

        what i mean mike is that you and those like yourself supply news of the utmost importance but the bbc etc does not seam to in these very high profile cases and therefore it gets lost by the public as they seam unaware of the current state of play

        You have to remember it’s only news if it’s on the TV otherwise it is not fact after all IDS is still calling the shots and the only way he can be brought down if what he is doing is wrong is brought to the public attention via the tv news as the majority of the public unfortunately don’t read either this blog or welfare weakly and may never do so

        if it’s on the tv news however then he can be challenged and hard and all sorts of reporters like panorama will be on his tale and at this time there not

      3. Mike Sivier Post author

        Many people might believe it’s only news if it’s on the TV but we all know that isn’t true, don’t we?
        Perhaps we should all just do our best to educate the ignorant, rather than bemoaning their lack of understanding.
        I do my bit!

      4. Nick

        indeed you do your bit mike and i do my bit but it gets lost and we both end up with very little to show for our efforts

        The only time we can say the jobs done is when justice is served on those responsible for the deaths of the sick and disabled going through welfare reform are prosecuted

        We are the very first country to condemn other countries when there governments do wrong and yet when we do wrong no one bats a eyelid

        But look at the world today with many countries violating the human rights of it’s citizens and the UK also. A bit odd that i wonder why the world gives us a hard time at root government level like Russia etc

        You see my take is if we were decent they would be much more likely to be a good friend to us but were not decent and there’s the rub were as bad as what they are but in different ways

        As they say two wrongs don’t make a right and you can be sure that another war will be on the cards over the next 5 years as that’s how dictators like to work while stating how misunderstood they are and blaming everyone around them but themselves

      5. Mike Sivier Post author

        My efforts aren’t done yet, but I do appreciate what you’re saying.

      6. Nick

        Thanks mike 🙂 i’m glad you understand me and do your best to get my drift on topics. most in the UK don’t. However i am popular with those from overseas and strike a cord very easy with this group of people

        My views however are just left of center so i’m told and on a world stage that’s the best place to be at as that’s where most people of the world sit hence my popularity

        At the end of the day common sense is the key and going against that is never going to be an easy ride hence i stick to common sense wherever possible

        my daughter gets involved with think tanks but as she says there’s always a ulterior motive behind the scenes IE to save money and that’s all never about quality

  2. joanna may

    About Bloody Time, sorry for the language but IDS has had his homicidal way too long!! It is about time he was taught a lesson!! Mike If this succeeds could there be more? Jobseekers who also have kids!!!

  3. A-Brightfuture

    No wonder this government are trying to change all sorts of laws to suit their agenda.

    Sticky plasters over a great big boil that will eventually burst, or hopefully a high court with a good sense of sniffing out DWP bulls***e, will lance the toxicity that is Iain Duncan Smith.

  4. amnesiaclinic

    Children are badly affected by sanctions and all sorts of things. How about the bedroom tax where the bedroom is taken away and so they cannot spend time with their parent.
    The list goes on…

  5. val

    he will just waste thousands of our money on trying to stop it or have it turned in his favour as he always does

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