Jason Horton on Google+ writes: “What happened to free education for all? Where did it change from a tax payer funded system that benefits everyone by providing educated and trained workers that contribute to the economy to one where students are charged a fortune and the emphasis is on them paying back loans?”

The answers are, of course: Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair happened. The change began in the late 1980s/early 1990s and has continued to this day – most notably with the addition of tuition fees under Blair and their tripling under Cameron and Clegg.

Education is now a profit-making project, and the current government is rolling this out ever-further with its plan to expand Free Schools and Academies, both of which are strands of education run by private concerns for profit.

World renowned physicist Professor Stephen Hawking has spoken of his fears that a gifted academic with a condition as serious as his own would not be able to flourish in today’s tough economic times.

He said: “I wonder whether a young ambitious academic, with my kind of severe condition now, would find the same generosity and support in much of higher education. Even with the best goodwill, would the money still be there? I fear not.”

Source: ‘Would I be supported now?’ Stephen Hawking asks – ITV News