Tax Research UK » Can anyone in Labour seriously be proposing the City State of London?

It seems Labour’s interim leader, Harriet Harman, is totally unable to control her party if members are coming out with nonsense like this.

Labour’s implosion continues and the people who should be stopping it are just standing by and letting it happen. This Gareth Thomas should be removed from the running for making fat-headed remarks like this.

I read this with quiet horror in the Guardian:

London should be treated as a city state and given tax-raising powers to match its equal standing with the four nations of the UK, according to a potential Labour candidate for mayor.

Gareth Thomas, a former trade minister who hopes to succeed Boris Johnson next year, says that as the country inevitably moves towards a federal system, it was time to recognise that “our UK is made up of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the city state of London”.

I have read what Gareth Thomas wrote himself wrote on the issue. And it makes no more sense.

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Source: Tax Research UK » Can anyone in Labour seriously be proposing the City State of London?

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12 Thoughts to “Tax Research UK » Can anyone in Labour seriously be proposing the City State of London?”

  1. They should rename Labour Party to Lunatic Party??

    1. Mike Sivier

      No, just the leaders.

    2. John Gaines

      A great idea and I still wonder what they are doing with a membership, having s**t upon them for the past 5 long years, what crime did they commit that they deserve to be saddled with a Parlimentary gang of useless would-be Tories and expenses fiddlers.

  2. Part of me thinks “fine…f**k London”, tbh, but then I’m an uncouth Northerner….

  3. Ian

    I cannot help but think ‘good riddance’. 90% of the UK has been shafted to keep London happy these past few decades, the economy is essentially run for the benefit of the city and has been kept afloat by a south east England property bubble. The sooner London is divorced from the rest of the UK the better. Plus, in all probability,Scotland will abandon any plans for independence.

    Regional devolution for England.

  4. It already treats itself as a separate state in the way it rewards itself.

  5. What about Boris for Pope, Ugh!

    1. John Gaines

      What about Bore-us for Prison..long, long past time..take a look at the Oh-lympics non Accounts, the greatest swindle since Nero….er… fiddled.

  6. Timro

    Ha, ha, ha. London – the new Athens! I’m speechless.

    1. John Gaines

      Wassa matter…they are both Bankrupt!

      1. Timro

        That’s a Spartan comment if there ever was one!

  7. This is another reason the poor are being shipped out of London. Have you studied the EU regional plans??
    Probably right on target.

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