It seems this is the latest oppression craze sweeping the country – they’re trying to take our children away.

Mrs Mike shared this with me today but I know there are more – to my shame, I’ve been busy with real-world matters (looking after Mrs Mike being one of them) and have neglected this story.

If readers have spotted other incidents of this, let’s have the links and I’ll put them up.

A mother has told how social workers turned up while she  was giving birth in hospital to say they would be taking her baby  into care.

Without consulting her, social services chiefs had decided Kelly McWilliams was unfit to look after her baby because she had suffered from depression five years earlier after her ten-year-old son was found hanged.

The officials arrived without warning to say the baby would go straight into foster care as they were concerned about Mrs McWilliams’s mental health.

Source: Social workers arrived at hospital to take woman’s baby while she was in LABOUR over concerns for its welfare | Daily Mail Online