What a greedy little money-grubber.

Does he really think we can’t see through him? He knows he’s made most of the country thousands of pounds worse-off over the last five years – in fact, he has presided over the worst fall in average pay since the Victorian era.

But he’s still going to rub our noses in it with an 11 per cent pay rise for MPs.

MPs will receive a £7,000 pay rise after David Cameron said that he would not do anything more to block the wage increase, amid concerns that it could trigger a backbench revolt.

Downing Street on Tuesday indicated that the Prime Minister will himself accept the salary increase and will not formally challenge the pay watchdog over plans for MPs to be paid £74,000 a year.

Mr Cameron had previously called the proposed salary increase “simply unacceptable” while public-sector pay was being restrained and indicated that he could scrap the watchdog.

Source: David Cameron ‘to accept £7,000 MPs’ pay rise’ – Telegraph