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What the f*** is going on, indeed…?

I was asked if I’d be interested in working on the setting up of a unifying group for disabled people to fight the Government.Anyone that’s read my blogs is well aware I’m committed to collective working and collaboration, most of my posts end with some form of plea for Unity or Togetherness, so of course I said yes. To my horror, in this very short period of time several of those willing to do the backroom work have been bullied and verbally assaulted by the same people who purport to believe in campaigning and challenging for our rights. So much so, that a number of the individuals willing to use their spare energy have said they can no longer continue; I simply do not understand this!

What the f*** is going on, when those of us Fighting for our lives under this Tory regime of Austerity and Cuts, are attacked by our peers; isn’t it enough that people are dying through the bullying of JobCentre & other DWP staff, without resorting to this behaviour ourselves?

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  1. bibo

    how many points are awarded for not being able to use a washing machine. esa capability farce assessment

  2. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    Bullies are always cowards and it is easy to bully from behind the scenes rather than face to face. Treat them as the scum they are and get on with the job of finding a way to get decent people to unite against the injustices if you can. I wish I was clever enough to find a way to get sufficient people to join in the good fight but, so far, I am guilty of relying of people like you Mike and Jayne Linney; but I can ssure you of my support if it is of any use.

  3. M de Mowbray

    Someone I know was part of a disabled group which got invaded by trouble makers, almost certainly DWP staff and Tory supporters with “Divide and Rule” tactics.

  4. ghost whistler

    What exactly happened? I feel we should know more.

    Sue Marsh has received a lot of criticism, I’m sure a good portion of that was unpleasant and dare i say nasty. While there is never an excuse for bullying, she chose to make the wrong decision and go work for the enemy. That’s a different situation than someone who wants to do right by the community through unifying efforts.

  5. Chris

    If a disabled group is government funded, then it is hardly a surprise that disabled campaigners who are going against the government are being bullied.

    You are meeting up with the true nature of politics.

    Because a disabled group funded and supported by government are inside politics.

    Bullying by the state cannot be fought against.

    They have all the money, all the staff, to wait you out.

    Being bullied can kill even if you are able bodied, either by suicide or by physical, emotional and psychological harm, that moves onto into mental breakdown.

    The longer you are in that toxic place, the greater the risk to mind body and spirit as one.

    If you are disabled and / or chronic sick and also of an age, all higher stress risk factors, then bullying will kill you.

    I am a nerd on stress, having been once keen to be a stress councellor after being the bottom of the heap mere pleb in the public sector all my working life, so been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

    I am a stress expert by life.

    I also was in a workplace bullying activist and support group for a while.

    But in the end you get compassion fatigue, just as equally as dangerous.

  6. hugosmum70

    ok. here’s a story that i find very confusing. (sort of shows how peoples minds can work (or not) i think)… yesterday an article (in pictures and text) was posted as a status by someone i know. a 19yr old mother of 1 toddler n one on the way (the type that thinks ,i’m a mother,i’ve managed to produce one baby and will produce this one too so i know everything…….anyway this story was about a bus conductor on a Leeds to Bradford bus.old lady got on. bus pass out of date.she hadn’t realised. conductor tries throwing her off bus. passenger offers to pay. he wouldn’t allow it ,saying thats not how it works,so off he throws this old lady into the pouring rain. this girl had put, “if that had been my gran i would have punched him”.. others followed with “he needs sacking” etc. me? having been introduced to democracy as it being see ,judge and act (at a conference some years ago) did exactly that. everyone was whinging bout this conductor n enjoying doing so but no one did anything about it. so i toddles off. finds the bus company this number 72 bus was owned by. Facebook page. good. so sent them the story and pics showing this conductor.(turns out they know n its being investigated.) so i told them on the status it had been on. and got told by this girl, (im 72 by the way) you take things far too seriously/. your crazy…………anyone else confused by this attitude of say but not do yet wen someone does instead of saying,they are crazy? confused. and this to me is how a heck of a lot of people are. whinge but do nowt.

  7. ravenswyrd1

    Pretty much everyone that used to be involved in the Spartacus network that showed even the slightest interest in helping to facilitate a national organisation have been subject to bullying, verbal assaults and dirty tactics to undermine the effort… The upshot is someone who had expertise and a great reputation has walked away completely and others are pulling away from campaigning and from helping to get this idea off the ground… It’s hard to keep going… Dxxx

  8. amnesiaclinic

    The divide and rule and the bullying which accompany it are very unpleasant. Max Igan recommends working with just 5 people in a circle of trust with only those you really resonate with and meet weekly to do all that you can locally and on the net.
    5 is a good number, more is too big and can be infiltrated. If they are people you personally know and trust then this shouldn’t arise.
    They know we are organised and they are very serious about disrupting any cohesive front.

    1. Ian

      The fact that people feel the need to resort to cold war espionage tactics against this pox-ridden government tells you all you need to know about it.

  9. Ian

    Could a Facebook group not help initiate a wider, national movement? If it is made clear at the outset that it is to be national then the trouble causers who join will soon make themselves obvious in their attempts to derail things – if they aren’t interested in being in a national collective then why join one?

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