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This bit is particularly illuminating:

Most impressively, Cameron has managed all this without anybody being terribly worried by him. Immediately after his re-election he announced: “For too long we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens so long as you obey the law we will leave you alone.” A statement so far to the right that it conceded the political centre ground to Judge Dredd.

Source: What if David Cameron is an evil genius? | Comment is free | The Guardian

8 thoughts on “What if David Cameron is an evil genius? | Comment is free | The Guardian

    1. Jonathan Wilson

      But he is a genius, he puts an incompetent idiot (IDS) in charge of the DWP, he appoints a minister for the disabled who hates the disabled, a minister for Education who is as thick as two short planks, twice he as appointed ministers for justice who don’t have a clue about the law, a minister for employment who used to work for dodgy companies covering up dodgy working practices in other countries by other companies, a Chancellor who can’t add up, a secretary of state for defence whose idea of war is “oh what a jolly wheeze,” and Jeremy Hunt of whom no more need be said and finally Liz Truss, an embarrassment to the human race, in charge of animals.

  1. hugosmum70

    chilling. i found it so on hearing it. and still do. makes you wonder exactly what DOES this man have in store for us all that he isn’t telling us. i still think he used underhand means to get back in. i refuse to think that so many people voted for him that he got back in. after his previous 5 evil years.have seen nothing yet to belie that thought.more … am seeing more n more pointing the same way,but what can we do?those who are too old,ill or disabled??? we know we are being aimed at.

    1. Wardie

      Yes I know exactly how you feel. My wife is severely disabled and we’re living on a knife edge waiting for her to get re-assessed and being found miraculously fit for work. I’m so fed up and worried I’ve stopped taking my own medication as I do not want to live in a Cameronized UK any longer than I have to.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        DON’T QUIT!
        If you take yourself out, you’re doing exactly what they want.
        DON’T do what they want; make it as hard for them as you can – and tell EVERYBODY what’s going on.

      2. Michelle

        Hi Wardie, just read your comment and I’m really concerned, please don’t give up, your life is too precious, please don’t let the stress get the better of you, for you or your wife. Please get in contact with someone who can support you.

  2. Michelle

    This is the second prompt I’ve had to read this article and what remains disturbing is the multifaceted nature of the plot to keep our attention distracted from the sub plots to which this article rightly alludes.

    I’ve written to my conservative MP about TTIP and was basically told not to worry, (I’ve seen similar party line replies from other conservative MPs via 38 Degrees supporters) and while we and a few writers in the media may be concerned about profit lusting Corporates taking the government to court in the future because one of our nuisance laws gets in their way, the real serious and insidious nature of TTIP and its supporters is not taken on board…until you realise how low they are stooping right now to support it. For example: Malaysia, child trafficking and slave labour for that ubiquitous commodity called palm oil which is forced upon us whether we like it or not, how many evil geniuses are there?


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