Homeless People Face £1,000 Fines For Sleeping Rough | Welfare Weekly

Homeless people face fines of up to £1,000 for sleeping rough in public doorways, under a new asbo-style rule introduced by a London Council.

Homelessness charities have reacted angrily to Hackney Council’s ‘Public Space Protection Order’, which they say “criminalises homelessness”.

The new order bans homeless people from sleeping in public areas and doorways and can be legally enforced through a £100 on the spot fine.

This fine could quickly escalate to as much as £1,000, due to additional court costs.

It remains unclear how the Council will expect destitute homeless people to pay up.

Source: Homeless People Face £1,000 Fines For Sleeping Rough | Welfare Weekly

8 thoughts on “Homeless People Face £1,000 Fines For Sleeping Rough | Welfare Weekly

  1. Steve Grant

    How dumb can you get ….if the homeless had £1000 in the first place do you think they would want to sleep on poxy streets?….DOH!

    1. joe withers

      And Hackney has a Labour controlled council. Shows just how compassionate Labour can be.

  2. boromoor

    Just show that these councils have absolutely no idea of the realities of life for the poor and homeless. If the don’t pay, will they be imprisoned if a warm cell with regular meals?

  3. Jeffery Davies

    Serco a4e crapita atos you bet these companies will be involved getting the homeless into their grasp for tax payers monies remember we are moving towards a yanky society run companies getting these homeless people will keep their jails full yet more monies jeff3

  4. bevchat

    What a stupid law these people are homeless no doubt through no fault of their own…for various reasons…some from having their Benefits sanctioned so therefore are evicted …some may even have mental health issues…The Government have created this problem so now they think by punishing someone for being homeless and living on the streets by fining them a £1000 will solve the problem?…Firstly, they have shot themselves in the foot for these people have no money to pay such fines…so what next…put them in prison for non payment of fine? Solve the homeless issue and the reasons for this happening to these poor people..because eventually the prisons will be full of homeless people and not criminals!…The biggest criminals are the Tory politicians supposedly running this country and coming up with idiotic laws that make no sense….but then again…Tory’s have no commonsense….This law will not solve any problem…just make it worse!

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