Labour’s new MPs call for party to ditch New Labour and oppose austerity | Left Futures

This happened before Jeremy Corbyn announced his candidacy for the Labour leadership – and is noteworthy because it seems he has a ready-made support base among Labour MPs who are new to Parliament.

Ten newly-elected first-time Labour MPs have issued a call for the party to take on a bold anti-austerity agenda.

Their statement said:

“As we seek a new leader of the Labour Party, we are needing one who looks forward and will challenge an agenda of cuts, take on the powerful vested interests of big business and will set out an alternative to austerity – not one who will draw back to the ‘New Labour’ creed of the past.”

The MPs concerned are:

Richard Burgon (Leeds East)
Louise Haigh (Sheffield Heeley)
Harry Harpham (Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough)
Imran Hussain (Bradford East)
Clive Lewis (Norwich South)
Rebecca Long Bailey (Salford and Eccles)
Rachael Maskell (York Central)
Kate Osamor (Edmonton)
Cat Smith (Lancaster and Fleetwood)
Jo Stevens (Cardiff Central)

Source: Labour’s new MPs call for party to ditch New Labour and oppose austerity | Left Futures

5 thoughts on “Labour’s new MPs call for party to ditch New Labour and oppose austerity | Left Futures

  1. Nick

    Having thought this through mike you could have a anti-austerity agenda with Corbyn as leader he would need support from Dennis Skinner and Michael Meacher along with the new intake of labour mp’s

    How this would pan out would be unclear but it would i believe get many of that 15 million that did not vote at the election to become involved which would be the mother of all battles

    On a plus point, it would be highly entertaining to watch as old labour rose up to save the lives of many

    That would draw in many that have never voted at all and as i say it would be the mother of all battles but on the downside, the losing party over the next 5 years would be finished and in all probability never be able to return to politics

    on a personal note i think it is time to fight this battle head on as thousands of lives are at stake as well as millions to be left on the scrap heap with nowhere to live as the costs are so high

    This battle needs to be fought now as leaving it another 5 years would just be a waste when lives needs saving now

  2. Damien Willey

    Have any of these already declared for another candidate or are they all still potential Corbyn backers?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Doesn’t matter if they have – nominations aren’t open yet. They open on June 9.

  3. Michael Broadhurst

    yes i agree it needs to be fought need to get millions onside starting now,
    before any more are killed by the murdering scum in office now.

  4. concernedkev

    If the party has an anti austerity leader in Jeremy Corbyn it will give the millions out there hope of a parliamentary party that represents their needs. It will in itself provoke a major debate within the party with a possible return to a genuine decision making conference based on constituencies and affiliated bodies. This would provide a platform for a campaigning party that defends working class rights and values whether in work or out. This party should lead community defence campaigns and support workers who take industrial action to oppose cuts and privatisation of services.
    If we have more of the Tory Lite that is on offer from those other candidates then as sure as night follows day the party will be dead in the water.

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