Scotland faces £177m spending cut after Osborne announces £3bn in savings – BBC News

So much for Scotland’s new influence in the UK Parliament…

Scotland will face a £176.8m cut in public spending this year as a result of a savings plan announced by the UK Chancellor.

George Osborne said departmental budgets would fall by £3bn in 2015/16.

However, Scotland’s Finance Secretary John Swinney said that the cut was an “unexpected and unwarranted” imposition of further austerity.

Swinney can say what he likes; it won’t make a blind bit of difference.

Source: Scotland faces £177m spending cut after Osborne announces £3bn in savings – BBC News

1 thought on “Scotland faces £177m spending cut after Osborne announces £3bn in savings – BBC News

  1. john ingamells (@geovanni218)

    As we are demanding the Tories to come clean and reveal their cuts to welfare and the public services as a whole, is driven not by need but ideological forces, I believe it is Scotland’s prerogative to oppose and call as politicians for them to resist the austerity lie. If we are calling for a progressive,left, anti-austerity candidate for the leadership, we need the Labour Party to do what they should have embarked on during the election and reveal the Tory lies and targeted austerity as they and their friends prosper. Labour cannot be self absorbed and must stand for an alternative and indeed, show they might offer the people of all the countries in this UK, a genuine alternative and return to the truth that welfare and public services are essential to a civilised caring rich developed country! Don’t simply offer a lighter shade of austerity, reveal what they stand for and against, ignore the right wing media, return to principled socialist ideas for the good of all and not a few select elite or high aspirational wealth makers they keep spouting about! People like Kendall do not possess the true ideas and desires as a true socialist forward thinker, it says a lot about labour at this time that she must feel she stands a chance! We need the SNP and all who stand against the Tory austerity lie, to be vocal now, not deny them their voice or position . They stand as opposition because Labour are yet again, self absorbed by their direction, when they have let the voter down with the Blairite toryfication of labour.

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