‘Austerity is undermining access to UK judicial system’

How best to challenge Michael Gove, the newly arrived Justice Secretary, who is preparing to wield the axe again over Britain’s legal system?

Source: Catherine Dixon interview: New chief executive of Law Society says austerity is undermining access to UK judicial system – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

2 thoughts on “‘Austerity is undermining access to UK judicial system’

  1. M de Mowbray

    Interesting article, and it is great to know that our legal profession is aware of the damage being done by cuts. However I am already convinced that the cuts to legal access for less wealthy people is a deliberate part of the Tory’s “New Feudalism” ideals. All goes to the New Robber Barons (the super rich and the multi-national corporations) and everyone else finds that their homes, income, education, and healthcare are at high risk, and without access to Law there is little they can do. Robber Barons and Serfs and Villeins, that is Camoron’s real idea of “One Nation” and “A government for all the people”.

  2. Michael Thompson

    Austerity be damned. Cameron has been finishing off what Thatcher started in the 1980’s, he is rolling back the State and using the deficit as a cover to achieve this ideological agenda. And he’s getting away with it.

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