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Here’s the Cat’s opinion of the general election campaign. The article on his site has much more detail (and the swear words aren’t *****ed out, so please visit it.

The Tories didn’t run a good election campaign. if there were prizes handed out for the best campaign, the Tories would have lost. There, I said it. There was nothing substantive: just the usual half-arsed cr** that they tend to write on a hooker’s backside during one of their cocaine binges. Flog off this or that asset (even if it doesn’t belong to the state), and keep beating up the poor and the weak. The public want more of that sh**! Yeah! *Sniffs* *Twitches*Labour’s campaign wasn’t great either. There was the embarrassing immigration mug and the cringe-inducing pink ladies’ (sic) battle bus. But it wasn’t as bad as the Conservative Party’s campaign, which was a dismally negative affair, full of lies, smears and good old fashioned scaremongering. Labour had some mildly social democratic policies like some form of rent control, but the party seemed to suffer from an inferiority complex. This was evident in the way they failed to counter the Tories’ constant lie that they “crashed the economy” and “bankrupted” country.

David Cameron was just as gutless and like all good bullies, he got his friends to do his dirty work. He refused to debate Ed Miliband in a head-to-head interview and it’s no secret that the former was sh** scared at the prospect of being found out as a phony and wriggled his way out. The SNP ran a good campaign and their leader Nicola Sturgeon put the three unionists in the shade during the Leaders Debates. Such was Sturgeon’s popularity that many English voters wanted to vote for her as Prime Minister… not realizing, of course, that we don’t have a presidential system. As for the Lib Dems, we never really heard from them much until the final week. UKIP spouted the usual rubbish about immigrants and the Greens ran the kind of campaign that Labour should have been running. That’s pretty much it.

Source: Smears and Scare Tactics: That’s the Tory Campaign | Guy Debord’s Cat

5 thoughts on “Smears and Scare Tactics: That’s the Tory Campaign | Guy Debord’s Cat

  1. NMac

    Labour allowed the Tories to spread the myth that it was the Labour Party which caused the financial crash of 2009. That should have been vigorously contested from day one.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Chuka Umunna hasn’t helped. He’s written a new article that supports this view.

  2. crazytrucker1951

    The Tories frightened the Sheeple into voting for them backed up by the Murdoch media and of course the Wail and Express, their campaign was fought on lies, half-truths and plain old fashioned scaremongering.

  3. Barry

    Seems like the cat didn’t pay attention to the debates, UKIP didn’t spout the usual rubbish about immigration they were bombarded by bigoted press insisting that was all they were about no matter how often it was refuted, or maybe thetas simply the cat as usual posting rubbish about one political party whittles the truth on his beloved eussr the democratically deficient corruption ridden body tat actually runs this country.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Having watched Nigel Farage prioritise immigration in each of the leader debates in which he appeared, I have to disagree with you.

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