The rise of Jeremy Corbyn. | Pertinent Problems

So why is this man polling figures that suggest he might even win the leadership election? Here are a few reasons from the Pertinent Problems blog:

A clear stance against austerity

With Liz Kendall bemoaning Syriza as ‘extremists’, those who hold the far-left Greece party in higher regard will be pleased to know that Corbyn is a supporter of them, having voiced his satisfaction at their burgeoning popularity in a tweet three years ago. He’s also the most critical of Tory austerity out of the leadership candidates, having vehemently criticised their attempts to destroy the welfare system. Considering Harriet Harman, acting leader of the party, infuriated many by agreeing to parts of the recent budget, there is a real craving for a leader who staunchly opposes Tory policies. So far Jeremy Corbyn has been seen as that person.

A lack of accountability for the shortcomings of ‘New Labour’

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Experience and grit

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Do you think Corbyn is the man to lead Labour or do you think he will make them utterly unelectable?

Source: The rise of Jeremy Corbyn. | Pertinent Problems

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29 thoughts on “The rise of Jeremy Corbyn. | Pertinent Problems

  1. Stephen Bee

    Far from making labour unelectable..I think once joe public sees his performance at the despatch box, forensically cutting through all the tory lies, hype, his principled stand in favour of the working man…will make Labour more electable than it’s ever been. Pandering to business as the other contenders a false policy. Liz Kendall said on the Victoria Derbyshire show “We have to show we are not anti business since its they and the entrpreneurs who creat jobs and build our economy”..- totally ignoring that WITHOUT a labour force to put the bosses dreams into reality…there would be no business..q.e.d, if the labour force create the should receive its fair share of it

    1. John Gaines

      What a laugh, they do not ‘create’ jobs, they wheedle the Businesses we have built from the bankrupt shells of so- called private entrepreneurship, and then continue running them with Taxpayer Funding, make no mistake, even the so called CITY only exists courtesy of the small TAXPAYERS, would be large ones always dodge paying tax.
      Gas, Water, Road, Rail, Aircraft, Elec, electronics, Radio, TV even Music, Education all funded by the Taxpayers.

      So called Business just slides in from out of the backhole of filthy Political swindlers. People have forgotten that the Tory crap were once considered as low lifes and only the poor voted for them.
      THE TORY PARTY IS BUILT ON THEFT, my Gt Grandad was often heard to say that we were never poor enough to have to Vote Tory.

      What we now call labour is running a close second in the Theft business, clean it up or clear it out.

  2. Steve Grant

    I have nothing against Jeremy but if he became leader the party would split and the Labour Party would never be electable again….The Tories would love it……the people of this country would have to endure years of TORY rule and this bunch of fanatics need to be kicked out ASAP….or you will see all the youngsters leave this country as soon as they can.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      So, if Kendall or Corbyn became leader the party would split, but if Burnham or Cooper became leader the party would be totally pointless.
      Corbyn for me!

      1. John Gaines

        Aye, and Amen to that, Corbyn it is and he just may well be another Clement Attlee; the Greatest Englishman ever.

  3. Neilth

    Kendall is in the wrong party. Her new labour position is discredited and is to the right of many in the Tory party. Members would be forced to leave in droves if she wins.

    Corbyn on the other hand, while representing the socialists who remain in the party and having been proved right in many cases by the turn of events, has an unfortunate history of being part of the awkward squad along with Dennis Skinner, Paul Flynn et al. This leaves him open to ridicule and vilification by our enemies in the right wing press. We saw the effectiveness of this tactic in the recent unfortunate experience when eating a sandwich could become an electoral liability.

    I know people will say that we shouldn’t pander to the assaults of our enemies but unfortunately the general electorate are influenced disproportionately by the Murdochs, Barclays and Beaverbrooks of this world.

    If we do elect Corbyn we can expect a s**tstorm of biblical proportions that we may not be able to survive.

    When it comes to the ballot my heart says Corbyn but my head says Burnham or Cooper, preferably with a socialist deputy to give them backbone.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That ‘awkward squad’ of Dennis Skinner, Paul Flynn and so on are among Labour’s best MPs!
      Corbyn for me, definitely!

      1. Jim Round

        The mudslinging at Jeremy Corbyn has already started, friend of Hamas, The IRA yadda yadda yadda…
        I do really REALLY hope I’m wrong but if you think that commenters on the likes of The Torygraph and HYS are just that, think again, too many people think exactly like that and they are the ones that go out and vote.
        If, come 2020, Labour suffer another defeat with Jeremy Corbyn as leader, then what? Where then for Labour?
        Back to the middle ground?
        Socialism looks great on paper, but then humans get involved.

      2. Neilth

        I agree the ‘awkward squad’ represent some of our best, most committed members. They maintain their integrity in the face of consistent abuse and ridicule. They are people of principle and I largely support their stance. Sadly Galloway used to travel in their company and now when he’s not performing on populist TV shows he’s chewing the carpets and seeing conspiracies behind every piece of furniture.

        We all know that the right will attack hard and try to frighten the electorate with imagined scares and ‘Red Jed’ as I’m sure they’ll label him will be monster end in the red top rags.

      3. Jim

        The difficulty is that although Corbyn may demonstrate that he is anti Tory by announcing as much via his policies, I don’t believe it will be enough to attract the idiots that voted UKIP to try and keep them out. An anti austerity stance and a desire to retain the welfare state, including a publicly run NHS, whilst admirable to most, is surely not enough to make the party electable. That said, the options aren’t exactly inspiring and Harman, every time she opens her mouth, amply demonstrates this point.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        We shouldn’t call people idiots just because they did something we would not have done.
        It would also be wrong to say that the policies you name would be all that Corbyn had.

    2. Ian

      The awkward squad mentioned aren’t awkward, just actual abour, not like the phonies that take up too many of the opposition benches (and get a very healthy wage) under false pretences these days.

      1. Jim Round

        Unfortunately Mike it is not just my opinion, it is based on personal experiences (of which there are many)
        Look at right to buy as an example, many couldn’t wait to cash in and take the money from a sale.
        Then there is the low turnout in recent strike ballots, not to mention how, as previously stated a video of a cat being a cat gets more hits than the plight of an ESA claimants suicide.
        There are many who think that if you don’t like your job, you should just leave and find another, as I say, people really do think like those comments on those websites have seen too many people corrupted by money and stepping over their fellow man to get what they want, it’s worse than you imagine. I could go on.
        It’s one of the reasons I gave up my job and campaigning.
        I have mentioned before about the comments the lady behind The poor side of life got whilst campaigning outside A-U-L job centre, that’s just the tip of the iceberg unfortunately.

  4. jeffrey davies

    perhaps because he listening to the people perhaps hes going to take the party back before blair but voting for anyone else will only get you a tory wearing a red tie jeff3

  5. Nigel Harman

    I think Jeremy Corbyn is the only candidate to lead the labour party out of the darkness, the people want a strong leader with Labour values running through their viens.Not a watered down conserative party. We don’t need another one of those.Our country (what’s left of it) needs a strong stable opposition party.

  6. boromoor

    I will definitely be voting for Jeremy Corbyn. I believe Labour lost the election because some people believed Tory lies but mainly because there appeared to be little difference between them and the Tories.

  7. Chris Bergin

    I very much fear that Corbyn would suffer the same fate as Milliband and be totally un supported by the pale blue creatures currently fouling what was a Socialist party. Thatchers children indeed! The Leaders who brought in the welfare state with the emphasis on fairness would not recognise the party they believed in.

    1. crazytrucker1951

      Well said, 100% agreement with you Chris. Though I’m voting for JC I will once again leave the Party if one of the other three is elected leader, well perhaps Yvette Cooper might persuade me to stay, as regards the other two I feel they’ll take us so far to the right the Labour MP’s will be sitting with the Tories as a Tory-Lite Party.

  8. Ian

    Oh god, Imagine seeing Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs? He’d smear that smug, arrogant tit Cameron all over the walls, and Gideon, too, if he gets the job in a few years time.

    They way he spoke after the budget (emergency budget? After five years in government? What have they been doing??), dismissing the claim from a Tory that child poverty has been reduced, it was good to see such a calm, dismissive attitude to such lies.

    He seems to me to be a man who genuinely has no time for Conservatives and Conservatism, I get the feeling the other three all have Tory sympathies, I know fine well Liz Kendall is a Tory in all but name. Corbyn certainly isn’t as supine and conciliatory, he’d be far better at the dispatch box and he’d be clearer about what he is and what he wants than the other three as well, they mostly cannot answer a straight question. Even when the assistant at McDonalds asked of Burnham what he wanted he’d say, “it’s not what I want, it’s what the country wants. There are some who want me to have McNuggets but on the other hand there are those who want me to eat a Big Mac, it’s my job to see that those people get what they, as hard working families, deserve”. Liz Kendall would just say “I’ll have what David is having and a milkshake, thanks”.

    So yeah. Jeremy Corbyn for me.

  9. Andy

    The Labour Party is now looking as if it may be an alternative that I may be able to vote for which I have not been able to do so for many years. Yes Corbyn will get attacked in the press, but if we have a principled Labour Leader who is willing to stand up and argue the toss rather than acquiesce because a little middle class focus group and a small undemocratic clique were unable / unwilling to stand up and offer a real radical alternative, then I for one think that the people will begin to see that there is an alternative. Why bother voting for Labour when you cant stich a fag paper between them and the Tories.

    Unfortunately the last Labour regime put in place a lot of the legislation that enabled the Tories to decimate the public sector and the neo liberalism dogma to become the prevailing position.

    If the Blairites are threatening to leave, then good riddance because I personally believe that they have no real intent to change society for the benefit of the majority but are more concerned with their own position…aka Blair and Mandelson who have both profited very well out “New Labour” sand now demonstrate just how much working people mean in their daily lives.

    I think that the attacks in the press are a good thing for Corbyn as they are showing that those shadowy figures who control our society in the background might be having squeaky bums!

    I love the analogy of McDonalds as I think that it sums up Burnham very well. Image Image Image. Feel almost sorry for Liz Kendall as it must be hard to wake up one morning and suddenly find that you have been outed as a Tory and not be able to hide it any more.

  10. Nick Fourbanks

    Corbyn is the only person who can keep austerity at the top of the agenda even if it does make them un electable as someone has to guard against the deaths of the sick and disabled especially those with mental illness otherwise that group of people will be wiped out

    If that were to happen then the uk would already be on it’s knees as you can be certain the NHS would not be far behind

    Only Corbyn could prevent the on going deaths of the sick and disabled but he would still need a miracle to prevent their demise as the conservatives are no push over once they have made their minds up they are known after all as party that doesn’t change course irrespective of any damage to it’s people along the way

  11. crazytrucker1951

    If JC is elected leader PMQ’s will be like watching Ali vs. Bonnie Langford, a no contest, blood will flow and Camoron’s Bully Boy’s will be throwing in the towel to save their spiteful, vindictive and uncaring leader from having his pathetic head knocked off his shoulders.
    It should be fun viewing.

  12. mrmarcpc

    He is Labour, the Blairites who bitch about him are not, they are light Tories, do the party a favour and leave and go join the party that your heart really belongs to and leave Corbyn and the rest that are real Labour alone and get the party back on its feet again!

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