So why is this man polling figures that suggest he might even win the leadership election? Here are a few reasons from the Pertinent Problems blog:

A clear stance against austerity

With Liz Kendall bemoaning Syriza as ‘extremists’, those who hold the far-left Greece party in higher regard will be pleased to know that Corbyn is a supporter of them, having voiced his satisfaction at their burgeoning popularity in a tweet three years ago. He’s also the most critical of Tory austerity out of the leadership candidates, having vehemently criticised their attempts to destroy the welfare system. Considering Harriet Harman, acting leader of the party, infuriated many by agreeing to parts of the recent budget, there is a real craving for a leader who staunchly opposes Tory policies. So far Jeremy Corbyn has been seen as that person.

A lack of accountability for the shortcomings of ‘New Labour’

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Experience and grit

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Do you think Corbyn is the man to lead Labour or do you think he will make them utterly unelectable?

Source: The rise of Jeremy Corbyn. | Pertinent Problems

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