While Corbyn was initially seen as a token candidate for the hard left of the party, many polls now have him set to win the leadership election. The prospect of Jeremy Corbyn leading Labour is no longer a far fetched one. Like [Bernie] Sanders [in the US], he is also opposed by the ‘establishment’ with former Labour leader Tony Blair telling those who wanted to vote for Corbyn to have a transplant.

On Corbyn, Owen Jones points out what I think really makes me support this new wave of progressivism. The youth are no longer disillusioned; there’s a mass mobilisation of them in opposition to austerity. In this article he goes on to write that:

“His policies align with their progressive values. He is focused on the long-term issues that will stretch to the end of our generation and beyond. He is proactive in his efforts for peace in the Middle East, and stopping the replacement of Trident. He wants to immediately tackle climate change, and create more equal opportunities through education, and the cutting of tuition fees. He focuses on people and their needs.”

Source: The resurgence of Socialism: Valuable or Vile? | Pertinent Problems