Forget heartless, IDS is INCOMPETENT | SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)


Joe Halewood takes apart the Gentleman Ranker’s latest attempt at social Darwinism with a few to-the-point paragraphs.

Particularly noticeable in his article – once you’ve got past the introductory accusation that Iain Duncan Smith has increased the Housing Benefit bill by £1 billion per year, in real terms – is the analysis of his use of language (“work people could do”) and the people to whom it will be applied (similar in physique to Steven Hawking).

They could do any number of things, in Iain Duncan Smith’s mind. In reality, his latest loony plan will probably end up killing them – like most, if not all, of the others he has put forward  in recent years.

The man whose policies have single handedly managed to increase the housing benefit bill by a billion pounds per year in real terms – or about £2.74 million per day if you prefer – with the bedroom tax, benefit cap, LHA cap and SAR cap; policies which all sought to reduce it, is now concerning his pea-brain with what work those migrated from Incapacity Benefit onto ESA could do!

Yes the God-fearing Christian himself Iain Duncan Smith now wants to blame the lazy disabled bar stewards for his back of a fag packet inept policy cock-ups.

Source: Forget heartless, IDS is INCOMPETENT | SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

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18 thoughts on “Forget heartless, IDS is INCOMPETENT | SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

  1. Dave

    Yes, he is incompetent. IDS is living proof that no matter how stupid, ignorant and cruel a politician might be, there’s always room for such in Cameron’s government

  2. David Woods

    Just a thought; Will not all these ‘happy’ employers of the mentally ill also have to increase ‘health insurance’ for their workers?
    After all they will be aware they are taking on ‘unstable’ employees (very cheaply to boot), so if any incidences occur in the workplace and other employees injured, they are culpable for ‘aiding and abetting’ the situation to occur, leaving their ‘full time employees’ at a far higher risk of preventable injuries!

    1. Joanna

      it was never about getting anyone into work, he knows there is little chance of it happening, he just needs to justify taking people off sick and onto JSA, for one reason less money!!!

  3. john kettle

    I firmly believe that in the future when the facts finally surface that people will look back and wonder how this was allowed to happen, and there will be a very dark place in the history of this country.
    Duncan Smith will eventually face the consequences of his actions if he lives long enough, of that I am convinced. Dead or alive he will be remembered as the murderer that looked the other way whilst his orders were discharged, and his minions and supporters, brave as they may be now, will not dare to speak of how they condoned the treatment of society’s most vulnerable.

    1. Joanna

      I assume from your comment that you believe in justice, for some people there is, but for others there will never be any justice, justice is only for the very few, usually for those who have the power to control it!!!!

    2. fathomie

      Unfortunately John it’s all to easy to see how it has happened. Just as the NAZI’s support grew exponentially as they demonised the Socialists, Jews, Gypsies, Trade Unions, and Gay population, according to the latest opinion poll, if the Tories held an election today they would wipe out their opponents in a landslide.

      Sadly, there are clearly, many, many people happy to see them attack the poorest off, the disabled, trade unions, asylum seekers, close down our libraries, sell off our NHS and Education, and collapse our Welfare state to the point of non existence.

      It’s a sad, cynical, self serving World we live in.

  4. rupertrlmitchell

    Heartless is not a description I would use as I don’t consider him to be competent. Quite possibly it is he who should be assessed by a suitable medical practitioner and I am surprised at David Cameron for not being very worried by his actions.

    1. Dave

      rupertmitchell. I’m not sure that Cameron knows much or cares much about heartlessness or incompetence – after all he had Gove in his government for the best plart of 5 years and he (Gove) created as much mayhem in his way as IDS is creating in his.

  5. Ian

    Apparently DWP staff will be given training to deal with potential suicides after IBS’ next round of ‘reforms’. Does that not suggest this clearly demented man knows his actions will cause great distress and possible death? If there are suicides due to the reforms, he categorically can not claim to not have caused any of them when he gave DWP staff training in suicides.

    If he knows how much havoc he’s going to cause, why does he just stop his idiotic, self-aggrandising, hare-brained lunacy in the first place?

    The staff training is a tacit admission of guilt. The man needs to be in a secure unit for the sake of public safety.

  6. Somebody

    Can I make something ABSOLUTELY CLEAR. NOWHERE in the report does it include those that are subject to a JSA regime of looking for work etc. At most it includes some people who have received a “fit for work” decision letter and died just a few days later. The reported number of deaths after a “fit for work” decision includes those still receiving IB/ESA and are appealing, those that have died in between the decision being made and receiving the letter, and even those that have died BEFORE the decision was made. People are supposedly looking for the number for deaths where somebody was claiming JSA and having to look for work etc at the time, but were on ESA a few months earlier. THESE REPORTS DO NOT GIVE THOSE FIGURES.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, the report does not include details of anybody in mid-appeal. All references are to completed appeals.
      But you are correct that it does not make reference to JSA at all.

  7. libbty

    im amazed that someone has not taken any of them out (and i don’t mean to dinner) we should all every last one of us be ashamed of this so called govern-mental as we stand by and let them do what they want. we all know they don’t care about anyone not in the club. and im afraid its a case of who is next,

  8. Bob Daulby

    Has anybody read Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’? If you haven’t then I recommend that you do so – not just for one’s own education but to also know what almost everyone in government (or any governing position) has not only read but also keeps as their Bible.

    Basically and simply put, it is a very controversial book on how to gain and keep power. whereby keeping power is not about being ‘nice’ or good or winning people over but keeping it for the sake of keeping it in, sometimes, the most heartless and inhuman ways and means possible.

    As it is in the ancient book – ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu – there are strict rules to winning all wars,so there are also strict rules to gaining and keeping power.

    War is not ‘nice’ and neither is political power where, in both, the word ‘fairness’ does not exist.

    It is all about how to play the game and winning it. (e.g. Since when is Chess ‘nice’?).


    The reason why I mention this is because, one of the main rules in The Prince is that one must create a front man – a person – a stooge – ‘the local nutter’ – who is as close to you as a brother or sister but one who will fall on the sword for you and where a lot of money or similar promises changes hands.

    The idea being that, this front person is the one who will take all your very worst policies/ rules/ instructions or whatever to then appear to make them his or her own so that they, in the pursuit of now, their policies or rules and not you, become the main focus and the one to blame.

    In short, instead of placing blame where it should be – at the feet of the real instigator, our focus is entirely placed on the chosen stooge. (Please get this. All stooges are *chosen* to be so and are NOT accidental or quirks of nature. Nothing in politics is ‘accidental’. Everything is purposely orchestrated. We are NOT dealing with stupid people here. They only appear to be so but really aren’t).

    As the ignorant populace and their frustration, incredulity and anger grows it over sometimes, insidious rules etc, eventually, comes to such a pitch (a pitch, incidentally, also organised) that their needs to be a hanging.

    And so, there is a ‘hanging’.

    In political terms, a ‘hanging’ usually means retirement ‘to spend more time with the family ‘ (with benefits of course – money, mistresses, new homes etc) or something similar.

    And so, when it is ‘convenient’ to do so, this is what is going to happen…

    When it becomes necessary that we can no longer stomach anything IDS says or does, on our behalf (and our pushing for it) Cameron, in all his ‘wisdom’, sudden ‘realisation’ and ‘generosity’, will ‘hang’ IDS for us.

    IDS will ‘retire’ and we will be happy…overjoyed.

    So happy in fact that we, in our ignorance, will forgive Cameron just about anything and, regardless of the opposition, (who cannot follow this act) vote him in again…

    …and this will be because IDS will be forced to ‘retire’ right when it is convenient that Cameron shows any kind of mercy – also orchestrated – probably just as we are walking into the polling booth.

    Sadly, as it has been proven time and again, we are THAT stupid you see? So easily led. We are easily led because so few of us understand ‘the game’ that it all really is.

    Meanwhile, it will probably be just after the honeymoon period of a *seeming* new sweep in government that yet another – even worse – IDS will appear and off we go again.

    And we?

    Oh we will vote yet again for the ‘hero’ who, in real actuality, is the actual and real cowardly bastard we will ever know who’s sword IDS is so willing to fall upon – because he is paid to do so and is already thanked for it.

    If this is not true then, you tell me, how ELSE could a low life like IDS possibly get away with it and KEEP getting away with culling those most in need – our own kind – and NOT those who have more than any human should have?

    Why Oh why is he choosing to chase pennies from the poor and not showing anything like the same zeal and verve to chase down the countless BILLIONS from the real criminals of our society who, from their own pockets, PAY for the Camerons and the IDS’s of the world to continue this evil that we, in our own ignorance, constantly fall and vote for?

    The poor and the weak and the unfortunates are NOT ‘the enemy’ here.

    It is WE and our own ignorance who are for allowing it to go on and on and on – and often even have the sheer and utter gall to sometimes feel good about it too.

    Thus, do not point fingers at those who understand and play the game better than we.

    Point them instead at those of us and our own ignorance for not being bothered to educate and understand the game – to then beat them over the head with their own stick *whoever* they are and *whatever* colour banner they run with.

    Government and governing has never been about we, the people. It has then, now and always will be about power over common man whereby the very idea of ‘democracy’ never actually and truly existed – and nor will it…

    …not whilst we continue to choose to remain ignorant it won’t.

    Choose not to be ignorant. Choose to be bothered.

    And choose the same stick as I to hit them all with whoever they are.

    They are absolutely no better than you and I.

    Remember this.

    I thank you for your time.

  9. mrmarcpc

    Of course he’s incompetent, proved that when he was tory leader, has no clue at all, how the hell he still has this or any other job at all baffles me, he must know where the bodies are buried, must have something on the others, otherwise his arse would’ve been history years ago!

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