UKIP Candidate Says Syrian Toddler Drowned Because “His Parents Were Greedy” | Scriptonite Daily

What you’re about to read may make you physically ill.

A former UKIP candidate has taken to Twitter to argue that the three-year-old Syrian boy washed up on the beaches of Turkey this week died because “his parents were greedy”.Three-year-old Aylan Kurdi and his five-year-old brother Galip and their mother Rehan drowned when a migrant boat leaving Turkey for Canada sank this week.

While there has been much debate about the media sharing the image, it cannot be denied that sight of such tragedy has done much to transform attitudes about the refugee crisis. For many, but sadly, not everyone.

UKIP’s Peter Bucklitsch, who stood in Wimbledon during the 2015 general election, believes the family were simply trying to milk the European benefits system. How they could have done this from Canada, he doesn’t say.

Source: UKIP Candidate Says Syrian Toddler Drowned Because “His Parents Were Greedy” | Scriptonite Daily

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52 thoughts on “UKIP Candidate Says Syrian Toddler Drowned Because “His Parents Were Greedy” | Scriptonite Daily

    1. Ann Ditch

      Did you hear the childs aunt in Canada SHE SAID HE WAS GOING TO EUROPE TO GET HIS TEETH FIXED BEFORE THEY WENT TO CANADA They were safe in TurkeyI listened to the whole interview. The family had been in Turkey for almost 3 years The father worked on a construction site
      Please get facts right before you print it

  1. NMac

    People like Bucklitsch are ignorant morons, without a spark of humanity in them. They should be given publicity.

  2. Brian

    I sympathise with the plight of these migrants that do not have a choice. The actions of the parents that place these children in jeopardy is inexcusable. These children are paying for their parents choice.

    Syria, is clearly not a place you want to be with the barbaric ISIS cretins roaming at will. You can not blame families for trying to escape persecution. But, & it is a very big but, why are they not satisfied to reach the safety of a non war torn neighbour, such as Turkey, if it is asylum they truly want! They are not compelled to travel to the shores of Europe, or any state within in it.

    Even when reaching the sanctuary of say Greece, they deem this insufficient, intent on throwing themselves on the resources of another country that offers superior welfare. Additionally, how come the European States are prepared to give support to these people when they can not by their own admission / acts support their indigenous population. I make it clear, this is a ‘choice’, but not one enjoyed by the innocent siblings of these travelers.

      1. Brian

        You are absolutely correct, and the scrutiny of the crimes under this government’s shredding of the welfare system is completely justified. But welfare between nations is relative. I like many others have paid a lifetimes contributions for the benefit of State Aid if required, and I object to interlopers who feel compelled to relieve me of it in the name of “resettlement” when I am told I can not have what I am entitled to. Cameron is right on this one issue at least, unless he has also lied about the diminishing resources of the country. The country is FULL, there is no housing supply, the infrastructure is creaking, he can not justify this imposition on the treasury, after all, who’s going to pay for it? the bankers! No, I will, again.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        There’s plenty of space in the UK. The problems with housing and infrastructure are entirely the fault of a neoliberal/Conservative political stance under which we have been living for the best part of 40 years. It doesn’t work; that’s why there are problems.
        As for the benefit system – are you aware that the UK is under no obligation to pay any benefits to refugees from beyond the EU? People migrating here from within the EU are only entitled to the same amount of money as they would receive in their own country, which the UK then claims back from those countries while their citizens are resident here.

      3. Barry

        People who are not being denied any benefit in this country tend to believe nonsense like benefits street so why shouldn’t people from abroad think our streets are paved with Gold, the family of this child have returned to their own country for his funeral so clearly they were not that scared, and why should one 3 year old make any difference when the hundreds of adults who drowned didn’t. the answer i not to accept anyone without a passport, and they should take refuge wherever they are offered it not demand where they want to go to. The fuss being made by the PC brigade over ons child is despicable they are just using emotional blackmail to support their lets take everyone stance.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        That family were travelling abroad in order to have dental work after ISIS torturers pulled out all the teeth in the father’s head. It seems likely they would have returned in any case. Perhaps that puts what happened in a different perspective?
        Your attempt to put a political spin on this does you no credit at all.

      5. Brian

        Mike said,

        “There’s plenty of space in the UK.”….” the UK is under no obligation to pay any benefits to refugees from beyond the EU”….”which the UK then claims back”.

        Firstly, there is a distinction between Refugee & Migrant, and the reason for those terms.

        Physical space, I’d agree, But as you infer ‘refugees’ or ‘migrants’ can not live in fields. Nor be excluded from civilised provision.

        ‘Refugees’ coming to the EU, may not carry statutory aid obligation, but that does not preclude an obligation to offer support, additionally, do they not ‘become’ EU citizens by virtue of acceptance in another EU state? and then inherit free movement, & thus EU wide State aid?

        If the UK is claiming money back, how come UK ‘migrant’ Child Benefit is sent to other EU states for EU citizens living in the UK?

      6. Mike Sivier Post author

        You need to take that last question up with the Conservative Government.

        Your other comments are inferences you have made. Go and find out the facts.

  3. Gary Aronsson

    Why let the facts get in the way of slagging off a political opponent! The boat that sank was NOT going from Turkey to Canada but from Turkey to Greece. The family had just been REFUSED asylem by Canada.

    The family was SAFE in Turkey,Turkey is not a war zone and they were not being persecuted. The parents decided to enter the European Union,via Greece,ILLEGALLY!

    They were not fleeing ANY DANGER,the family was driven by GREED,they wanted to enter another safe area that was MUCH RICHER than the one they were already in.

  4. Nick

    My wife fled Sudan in 1979 and was sponsored by 2 doctors also on the flight fleeing war and famine. They had to Sponsor her for ten years as their nanny after which she could then apply in her own right to stay and be given a UK citizenship

    For her first 10 years she was not allowed to work other than for her sponsors and was not able to receive any DWP payments whatsoever

    From ten years onwards as uk citizen she has worked full time and to this day has not received any payments from the DWP only from her employer

    She has always maintained this to be a fair process and that the whole world will take this process up

    She like most refugees would love to go home but in her case like many other people across the world it is not possible as the conflicts that caused them to flee in the first place are still ongoing

    I was lucky to meet her in 1990 and have been very happy ever since as I grew up in the fifties with the refugees/migrants at that time so I knew first hand that this was a silver lining in both our lives

    If this country had built the houses it needed back in fifties instead of still today keep talking about them then things overall with costs of houses and rents would still be low

    I should also add that my wife who was born in 1962 in Eritrea also had to flee from there to Ethiopia in the late sixties through conflict and then having to flee Ethiopia in 1975 through famine before ending up in the Sudan

    She is a big fan of Michael Palin and Bob Geldof and rightly so as only they know in what conditions she lived and what both she and her family had to endure to stay alive

    Her family left behind in the sudan she has had to sponsor in order for them to live and will have to do so till their dying day

    So you can see only those in very serious trouble would embark on migrating to another country

    I myself have known many refugees in my time and for every one of them it was a do or die situation and have never known any economic refugees whatsoever and never will do as that would be seen as very disrespectful in what are very civilized people where others always come first along with strong family life long bonds

    1. Gary Aronsson

      How very altruistic of them to sponsor your future wife for ten years and only receive ten years of cheap child care and domestic work in return.Why did your future wife take immediate advantage of her legal right to leave the employment of this altruistic couple after the expiry of her 10 year wait,surely she wasn’t motivated by economic reasons?

      As your wife fled the Sudan in 1979 and you state that she can’t return because the conflict is still raging then I must confess as to how the rest of her family,the one she left behind ,have managed to survive despite the conflict still”raging” to this day and thus making her own return impossible.As they have managed to survive the intervening 36 years of “raging” conflict then they must presumably be made of sterner stuff than your wife.

      1. Nick

        Well Gary this is a very complexed case in which all my entire wife’s relatives had died before this decision impulsively that my wife and her elder brother made a plan to make a run for it fearing that they would die if they stayed

        They had heard that 2 aircraft were departing for refuges and they took a chance in complete chaos ay you can imagine my wife managed to get on one aircraft and her brother managed to get a place on the other aircraft

        The main problem was that my wife’s aircraft arrived in gatwick where as her brothers arrived in Saudi Arabia

        From that day in 1979 she only managed to go back to the Sudan once in 1999 to say good bye to her father before his death she also managed to meet up with her brother before his death in 2000 from a work accident

        My wife has always had to support her younger sister with money for food her elder sister died from a small accident and without medicine you die and that still applies today

        As I say living with a refugee and then to go on to marry one as I have done is the most difficult undertaking as you never know when the next death phone call is coming through to you and with many family friendships that my wife had in 1979 before she come here the deaths have been constant throughout our marriage

        As for the two doctors who befriended my wife on that flight they have been wonderful and have finically supported both her and my daughter through uni and will continue to do so for my son who starts uni next week

    1. Barry

      Just signed a petition to keep these economic migrants out, some of these lets let all and sundry into an overcrowded island that is denying disabled people help because the government say they can’t afford to pay for it are pathetic pc losers.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        The UK isn’t overcrowded; there’s plenty of space here.
        Also, has anybody said we’re letting them stay here forever?

    1. Barry

      All this fuss over a dead child why not all the adults who have died leaving a safe nation to go somewhere with benefits?

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        I don’t sympathise with this comment – you are putting a selfish political slant on human suffering. Shame on you.

  5. Guy Ropes

    If you go to Youtube, you will see the dead child’s aunt state that the father was coming to Europe to get a new set of dental implants. Did he have to bring his children with him?

      1. Guy Ropes

        He was an irresponsible, heartless fool. If he had been a Tory or UKIP voter you too would be blaming him for his irresponsibility.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        He was a man travelling abroad for dental work he couldn’t have in his own country, after ISIS torturers pulled out all his teeth. He was doing the best he could under circumstances that many in the UK would find hard to understand. I do wish people like you would stop trying to turn this into a political issue when it’s a human tragedy.

      3. Barry

        Neither is getting onto a boat that is clearly unsafe, although the dinghies shown on the news today lookalike they had been launched from a nearby ship, and the people clearly had not been on board more than a few minutes. It is time the news reported even handedly instead of the emotional claptrap babies are dying in Britain due to the vicious nhs cutbacks and downgrading of hospitals.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        In fact I tend to agree with this. What about all the deaths we may lay at the DWP’s door? People have become upset because they have been shown the reality of what is happening, but they are still ignoring other realities closer to home.
        That being said, the refugee crisis certainly is a tragedy, and one that needs international collaboration to end.

  6. Beverley Anne Rupar

    What a heartless bas***d…and such a moronic idiot….maybe he should put his brain into gear before opening his mouth making such sweeping statements without full facts! People like him make me angry he is nothing short of a racist moron!!

    1. Nick

      That is what happens in the conservative right wing world they ultimately are just small minority groups of people running the world to the disadvantage of the majority
      ukip / conservatives are just the same despite some think there a difference

      The difference is minor they’re both very selfish to the core they have only a one set mind pattern ukip’s Nigel Farage with immigrants and IDS and David Cameron with the sick and disabled

      How the world puts up with this nonsense every few years at election time we may never know

      1. noreen

        Agreed and it IS a mystery why they get voted in again and again but a Tory media and state designed schooling encourages people to ‘aspire’ maybe so they do not identify with their own but with those they see as their ‘betters’ ie the elite themelselves who ideally they should despise.
        Also severe lack of choice when voting may play a part the same two parties always… Really I have no idea why; people are not stupid just deceived.

    1. Gary Aronsson

      He would probably move to the nearest safe country.Having obtained safety he would probably NOT then risk all their lives trying to move to yet another safe country simply because it was richer than the first one.

      But that is EXACTLY what happened in this case,and in many others because these people are NOT running away from danger but towards money.This family was in no danger until the parents decided to risk the lives of their children by trying to move to a richer country.

      At this very moment thousands of such people are DEMANDING that they be allowed to continue on their way from Hungary to Germany,they are already safe but not rich,they are demanding access to the wealth of Germany because GREED has always been their primary motive for moving!

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Someone correct me if I’m mistaken, but weren’t the family in question on their way to a very specific destination for a very specific reason?

      2. Barry

        The father wanted free dental care they have returned home now so how can it now be safe for them when it wasn’t when they left.

      3. Mike Sivier Post author

        He needed dental care after members of ISIS pulled out all his teeth while torturing him. Doesn’t that cast it in a slightly different light?

      4. Nick

        Let me be clear to all those that are reading this blog in that with refugees both with or without money they get treated the same by their persecutors you either flee before they tap on your door or stay and get killed or tortured

        Therefore, there will be all types of migration being played out in many countries but the bottom line remains the same stay and die and that goes for all immigrants including the economic ones as there is a vast difference in being poor in the EU with medicine as outside the EU with no medicine as you will die even if you have a little money as there are so many things that only the very wealthy could find and even then there are no skilled doctors around so you still end up dead

  7. Guy Ropes

    This man took his wife and family on a very dangerous trip (from a safe haven).. If he had done so in Britain he would have been nicked for placing his family in that danger – just like the Muslim woman from Britain who has been arrested today for placing her 3 children in danger by taking them to Syria. Much as you would seem to like it to be the case, you can’t have one law for residents and another for migrants. The guy is an irresponsible twat and it would seem, by reference to the you tube video, a vain and selfish one. Why not take a scheduled flight? He had the cash. By the way Bucklitsch is a very un-British name. As he is probably descended from immigrant stock, wouldn’t you want to give him the benefit of any doubt regarding his motives? After all double standards seems to be the stock in trade of the Left in this argument.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      He was on his way to a very specific destination in order to have dental work after ISIS torturers pulled out all his teeth. He couldn’t stay where he was. Clearly he had only a few methods of travel available to him – and we don’t know the reasons behind that. The circumstances for a person in this country are hugely different from those relating to this family and it is entirely wrong of you to try to equate them; they are not the same.
      As for anyone being an irresponsible twat – to use Biblical language, perhaps you should not be casting any stones. Your comments about Bucklitsch give you away.

  8. chriskitcher

    After reading the comments by callous idiots responding to this blog I am ashamed to be British and would hope that Camoron and his chums spend more time making these idiots see the error of their ways instead of pumping out their racist propaganda.

  9. Guy Ropes

    The father was able to arrange the removal of the bodies of his wife and children within a couple of days to their home town in Syria and then arrange their burial. The funeral party are respectful, well clothed and well fed. The equivalent of a middle class funeral in Cameron’s constituency. Likewise, there is no sign of side arms or uniforms of any kind. Very unlike ‘a war zone’. No one could not feel for the father after such a loss but after seeing the evidence of the funeral and it’s expeditious conclusion, one cannot help but feel that yet again that facts should not get in the way of a good story for the good ol’ Western Press. BTW, can anyone name the 5 Arab countries bordering Syria that have not taken a single Syrian refugee in this ’emergency’? It’s unsurprising that charities flourish to the extent that they do in the UK and that the Chairwoman of Amnesty International received a ‘golden goodbye’ (authorised by the Board) of half a million quid. Her deputy followed shortly afterwards with another “huge” (by refugee standards) payoff, again authorised by the Board. Will they chip in to ease the crisis? – they clearly don’t have one themselves. Gullible doesn’t cover it.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      What’s your point, Guy? You don’t have to be in poverty before you want to flee terrorist violence in your home country, you know. This man was tortured by terrorists and had every reason to want to leave. And just because you don’t see any sign of weapons in the images that people in the West are allowed to see, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.
      Your comment about the facts not getting in the way of a good story is pertinent to everything that you have been saying on this subject.

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