Tories: Don’t like being compared to Nazis? Then stop behaving like despots. | Politics and Insights

 If any Conservative Party members or supporters are still struggling to comprehend why that organisation is being borne down beneath a torrent of comparisons with the Nazi Party in 1930s-40s Germany, look no further than this excellent article by Sue Jones.

Apparently the Conservatives are cross about being compared with the Nazis. Mike Sivier at Vox Political wrote about the circumstances the comparison arose on Monday: This ignorant Tory councillor had better try justifying the deaths his party has caused.

This is a government that is currently at the centre of a United Nations inquiry into abuses of the human rights of sick and disabled people, and is also in breach of the rights of women and children, because of their anti-humanist, draconian welfare “reforms”.

Whilst I am very aware that we need take care not to trivialise the terrible events of the Holocaust by making casual comparisons, there are some clear and important parallels with what is happening to sick and disabled people, poor people and those who are unemployed in the UK and the ideological processes in Nazi Germany: events on a socio-political and a psycho-social level, that I feel are crucially important to recognise.

Source: If the Tories don’t like being compared to the Nazis, then they need to stop behaving like despots. | Politics and Insights

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18 thoughts on “Tories: Don’t like being compared to Nazis? Then stop behaving like despots. | Politics and Insights

  1. Jeffery Davies

    This was apart from the Holocaust as we know it was called aktion t4 nay it was the germans killing their own nothing to do with the Holocaust

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The methods employed in Aktion T4 were later used on Jews, Gipsies and other ‘undesirables’.

  2. marcusdemowbray

    Good one. Being interested in history, I started noticing the similarities within months of the Coalition getting into power. For several years people around me thought I was being ridiculous and alarmist. Now more people are waking up to how little real idea of “Democracy and Freedom” the current Tory Tyranny has.

  3. A-Brightfuture

    And how did Hitler end his life….He did not end up living in the utopia of power and control he so longed for.

    He shot his own brains out!!

    The Tory filled anxiety will go the same way.

  4. Dez

    Since they dumped their Liberal copartners they have morphed into a political super power that is fast tracking all their must dos into this one season in case they get the boot next vote. Very nasty pieces of work who deserve their comparisons with tyrants and complete disregard for what they regard as poorer lower life forms

  5. Paul

    The current Conservative government have ended the lives of more British citizens on home soil than the Taliban have killed soldiers in Afghanistan and/or Al-Qaeda anywhere on Earth.

    I hope Iain Duncan Smith and David Freud will be remembered by history for this.

  6. Joan Edington

    This article is spot on, Mike. I only wish that, if I forwarded it to my Tory-brought-up and Tory-voting brother, he would read it and stop saying “tosh”, with that sneering, ignorant-little-sister attitude he always adopts if I dare to question his political leanings. Come to think of it, his attitude to both me and my late Mother is really rather typical of Tories in general.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It’s a classic Tory attitude, that – dismissing the argument with an insulting word while utterly failing to provide any kind of counter-argument, because they don’t have one.
      Your answer should be: “Why is it tosh? Do you have an answer for these arguments? If not, then you must concede that they are right and you are wrong.”

      1. AndyH

        I told a diehard Tory that Osborne had borrowed more debt than all labour chancellors combined, cost us our triple A credit rating and stagnated growth. His well informed and insightful response? “You lie”.

  7. AndyH

    What’s the difference between Adolf Hitler and David Cameron? One believed in elitism, demonising the ‘undesirables’ of society, placing them in labour camps where vast numbers of them either died as a result of mistreatment and malnutrition or committed suicide when they could bear their living conditions no longer….The other one had a silly moustache.

    Courtesy of

  8. Ruby

    I wish the general public could see this process for what it is. I try and explain to individuals, and they agree, but then come back with the same rhetoric they have heard over and over again as justification. I had to speak up in my social science group this week against someone spouting the JCP mantra that unemployment is a choice! (and he was an unemployed person two weeks ago)

    Its called BRAINWASHING

  9. mrmarcpc

    Aww, are the tories upset because they’re being compared to nazis, aww, diddums, if they stop thinking, implementing their fascist ideals and behaving like nazis, then no one would think that they were, if they don’t like it, tough, they didn’t mind throwing mud at Corbyn during his campaign but now someone is throwing it back at them, they don’t like it and are now throwing a tantrum, more posters and other images should be created to show them for what they really are because that is what they are, nazis, just because they’re not wearing grey uniforms and jackboots, doesn’t make them any less fascist!

  10. AndyH

    I bet Peter Sutcliffe doesn’t like being compared to Jack the Ripper, but he should have thought of that before acting like him…

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