David Cameron has spent £3.6 million of YOUR money chillaxing at Chequers

David Cameron’s chillaxing at country pile Chequers has cost taxpayers £3.6million over the past five years.

The bill, buried in Cabinet Office accounts, comes as the Tories prepare to clobber 3.2 million low-paid households by slashing their tax credits by an average of £1,350 a year.

The annual cost of running the PM’s grace and favour pad in Buckinghamshire works out at £717,000 [per year] since he came to power in 2010.

Millionaire Mr Cameron lives with his family in a plush flat in Downing Street while the luxury West London home the couple own is rented out for tens of thousands of pounds a year.

Low-paid families will receive letters from HM Revenue & Customs in the run-up to Christmas, telling them their tax credit lifelines will be slashed or axed entirely from April.

Source: David Cameron has spent £3.6million of YOUR money chillaxing at Chequers – Mirror Online#rlabs=2rt$categoryp$10#rlabs=2rt$categoryp$10

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25 thoughts on “David Cameron has spent £3.6 million of YOUR money chillaxing at Chequers

  1. David robinson

    I am getting near my 80th birthday, and I thought Thatcher was bad enough but words fail me with this shower!

    1. Mr.Angry

      David not far behind you sadly I have time to read and digest, I can’t speak when I hear what this corrupt bunch of spoilt brats are doing to this country and it’s indigenous inhabitants.

      They are no better than the nazis and even that inference they are trying to side track, evil to the core. I wish you happy birthday when it arrives enjoy your day.

      Glad you read VP Mike keeps you updated on every despicable move this shower make.

    2. Michael Broadhurst

      i entirely agree with David Robinson and Mr Angry,i’m 72 and think exactly as David and Mr Angry.
      they are without doubt the most vile and corrupt govt EVER.

  2. Andy

    Chequers belongs to the nation and has done since 1921 and is the country residence of the PM…nothing to do wıth Cameron personally and one wonders how much was spent by, shall we say, during the terms of office of PMs of a different colour.
    Typical Mirror/Sevier scandalmongering where it does not exist.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The original article shows that Blair spent less than half as much as Cameron – and if you remember all that ‘Cool Britannia’ nonsense, he wasn’t exactly penny-pinching, so no – there’s no fake scandal-mongering here.
      Who’s this Sevier person?

    2. John Gaines.

      Well, I cannot recall any PM who spent more of his time in his local ‘friends’ Hayloft, and then handed us a bill for £100 Million, Leveson Enquiry, mock trials etc, etc, to ‘thank his ‘friend’ Rebekah for her ‘free’ generous riding lessons.

      Yers indeedy! these sure are costly times, I recall the time when a roll in the Hay, didn’t cost a bean.

  3. Julia Lowndes

    Appalling but out of interest how much has been spent by other administrations ????. If the PM is working, ok, but chillaxing he can do on his own money!!!!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      There’s a comparison with Blair in the original article – less than half as much. Mind you, Blair’s probably not a great example either.

    1. AndyH

      It took years before people decided they had had enough of Thatcher. Mubarrak survived for 30 years and Gadaffi lasted for 40. For some reason people will put up with a terrible regime for years, before they realise things aren’t going to get any better unless they take action.

  4. Bookworm

    It would make a nice holiday home for all the people in this country who can’t afford a holiday. Why can’t he pay for his own holidays?

  5. Dez

    Well maybe this sly undercover tax credit trick will galvanise those that are being s**t upon to unleash their long-awaited poll tax type backlash. The head up a**e Poll tax idea was the final straw that stirred the natives and got them onto the streets. With the recent London riots and looting only just drifting into the dim and distant past this tax credit reduction would not be a good idea, toffs, especially your having dismantled and p***ed off the police and armed forces… If you think they can be relied upon to save your backsides then you may be on a loser.

    1. Joanna

      Don’t you think that,that will give them a prize opportunity to use their water cannons? Whether they are legal or not! These amoebas have no concept of legalities, unless they work for themselves! I think they would sell their friends up the river!!!

  6. Neilth

    So that’s about 100%! Increase. We know it’s not on wages cos public employee salaries have been just about frozen and according to this governments figures inflation has been very low so what can they have been spending the money on?

    I know pork is quite expensive these days….

  7. AndyH

    We need to keep promoting stuff like this, until people realise austerity is a con – Cameron is lavishing money on himself and his rich friends, whilst taking money from people who need it. Greedy, shameless, parasite – why 1 in 4 adults voted for him is beyond me.

      1. AndyH

        Very good point! One of the many mistakes Blair made was failing to reform the voting system. If he had brought in AV+ (as recommended by Lord Jenkins), we would not have a Tory majority government now.

  8. john

    when is he paying it back a third of his wages like a third of tax credits taken away from hard working families just about to lose there house

  9. Laurie Webb

    we need to call a general strike and lay our demands down clearly that we will only stop when the queen calls for dissolution of parliament to leave the road clear to a new general election

  10. David Bacon

    Well, somebody has to pay for Dave’s chillaxing and who better than the poor and vulnerable who have little or no voice? Can’t bill Cashcroft for anything now, can he? Nice one, too, Dave hiding that £2bn black hole in the NHS, or at least trying to: don’t want to spoil the Tory conference, do we?

  11. tris

    I just don;t know why he needs a country estate at £700,000 a year to do his job. He’s already got a office and a few homes of his own.

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