Jeremy Hunt Sums Up The Tory Agenda For Britain In A Single Sentence | Scriptonite Daily

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has summed up the Tory agenda for Britain in a single sentence spoken at the Conservative party conference in Manchester.

Speaking of Chancellor and PM-in-waiting George Osborne’s plan to eliminate tax credits for working people, Hunt said:

We have to proceed with these tax credit changes because they are a very important cultural signal.

“My wife is Chinese. We want this to be one of the most successful countries in the world in 20, 30, 40 years’ time.

“There’s a pretty difficult question that we have to answer which is essentially: are we going to be a country that is prepared to work hard in the way that Asian economies are prepared to work hard, in the way that Americans are prepared to work hard? And that is about creating culture where work is at the heart of our success.

In short, tax credits for working people are being cut as part of a wider effort to lower the wages and working conditions of the UK to those of China and the U.S.

What an ambition. These two nations not only have some of the worst working conditions among advanced nations, but the lowest productivity too.

Source: Jeremy Hunt Sums Up The Tory Agenda For Britain In A Single Sentence | Scriptonite Daily

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16 thoughts on “Jeremy Hunt Sums Up The Tory Agenda For Britain In A Single Sentence | Scriptonite Daily

  1. AndyH

    These are countries whose governments torture and murder their own people. Working constantly is bad for people’s health – in parts of China inhaling the air is the equivalent of smoking 20 a day. If this is the strongest argument for tax credits, I’d hate to see the weaker ones.

  2. Robert Fillies

    A true insight into what the tories true plan is, a low wage serfdom controlled by the rich for the rich. With nothing but work for the serfs to pay for the pleasure of the rich.

  3. boromoor

    Asians & Americans prepared to work hard?? The man is an imbecile! It isn’t that they are “prepared” to work hard, they are given little choice but to work hard if they want to survive.
    He says he wants the UK to be one of the most “successful” countries in the world. How does he define success, a country with a few very rich people living of the backs of those of us who have to work 60 to 80 hours a week just to survive or a decent standard of living and reasonable work life balance for everyone?

  4. shaunt

    As most economists are aware if the cost of labour/ employing people is low there is a strong incentive not to invest in labour saving technology (so helping to create lower productivity). This includes investment in the research and development required to invent labour saving technology, because the short-term solution of taking more staff on produces greater immediate profit. From an employee’s perspective this also appears good in the short-run, but when other nations react by cutting labour costs too, its starts a downward cycle (i.e. a race to the bottom). However, if lower production costs lead to lower prices then each reduction in labour costs would, in part, be offset by reduced shopping bills- so though wages would be falling so would shopping bills too. There are two major difficulties with this scenario. Due to there being a greater supply of labour (e.g. 1.75 million unemployed + those on zero hour contracts + government training schemes, etc.) employers – especially large corporations – can merely take a percentage of the lower wage bill as profit and so lower wages are not fully compensated for by reduced shopping bills. This is made worse where corporations have production facilities across several countries or even continents as they can play one nation off against another.. Secondly, a reduction in labour costs can be derived from lowering health and safety standards, pension schemes, holiday entitlement etc. So, for example, someone who has a devastating accident at work will never be compensated from lower shopping bills; not least due to cuts in ESA leaving some unable to purchase food, know matter how low prices are. In fact, as some are reduced to begging at the local food bank – something else that’s swept in from the USA – any price greater than 0.0 would be of no benefit. So eventually, this is not just about lowering British living standards to those of the Chinese, but driving down living standards in China too, and then Britain and then China . . . . . ad infinitum. Thus, the difference between wage slave and serfdom becomes very difficult to discern – do you want your kids brought in that world?

    The most successful alternative model is that adopted by Germany. There labour costs/living standards are so high and so labour and working conditions good that Germany invents and produces the best labour saving machinery in the world. Interestingly, they are the only country in the world who could seriously cripple the Chinese economy as they produce the machinery from which China makes its exports. Britain does provide financial services and some capital investment, but that’s of no benefit to around 95% of our population. I guess most Eton toffs dream of returning to a world where they live in massive houses, on large estates, with serfs scurrying around to please their every desire, or to put it in another way: replacing a pig’s head with a serf’s mouth.


  5. Nick

    both the usa and china operate in a slave type of environment which has very serous undertones of racialism and bigotry

    no decent person on a world diplomatic stage would give any credence to these countries as both their business models are flawed

    this is why in diplomatic terms both the usa and china fall short as they have no credibility and that is why none of the other countries of the world look up to them

    the suicide and homicide death rates of both countries are endemic and they’re both lousy places to live should your wealth drop at any point

  6. James

    Well, China is a one party state whose people have very little choice as far as their own destiny goes. So perhaps that’s the Tory agenda: To rule without having to answer to anybody, despotically, without opposition, forever.

    1. AM-FM

      The Indy says:

      “a fringe meeting organised by the Reform think-tank at Conservative party conference”

  7. Tony Dean

    I wonder if Mr Hunt, (whose first name should be changed to Isaac,) makes his wife work like a coolie?

  8. Tim

    Nobody who has lived in America and seen how absolutely grindingly awful life is for America’s poorest would say such ridiculous things.

  9. Barry Davies

    The constant grind of “for hardworking people” has created a rift between the fit and able and the incapable and just unable to find employment, it has been a cold blooded intent to create hatred by the tory party.

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