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The Tories have always lied about Labour being somehow in cahoots with the enemy, whichever enemy that happens to be.
They’ve done it going all the way back to the 1920s and the Zinoviev Letter, forms of which were re-run again by the Scum in the 1987 election, and then by the Times when it smeared Michael Foot as a KGB spy.
Well, the Soviet Union had collapsed, and the government is busily trying to ingratiate itself with the capitalist giant that is ‘Communist’ China, so they can’t exactly run another Red Scare. So they’re trying to smear him as a supporter of Islamist terrorism.This is part of a strategy Conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic have been running for about ten years or so now.

Source: Vox Political on Cameron’s Lies at Tory Conference | Beastrabban\’s Weblog

I know it’s nepotistic, linking to a piece by my own brother about a previous article by me, but the fact is that the Beast knows a thing or three. You are strongly advised to visit his article.

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6 thoughts on “Vox Political on Cameron’s Lies at Tory Conference | Beastrabban\’s Weblog

  1. ian725

    You are so right Mike its because they SHOUT the Lies again and again about Labour (main opposition) and now are also directing their fire against the SNP who have been it has to be said vocal in their opposition and may well turn out to be needed allies to finish the Tories. Labour has to get behind Corbyn over the next 5 years I see him as a fresh and most needed change at the head of Politics.

  2. lanzalaco

    its good how progressive Corbyn and colleagues are. Anti war profiteering, Basic income, UK federal setup and more. Yes ! But will he be willing to go so far as change the actual structure of how Westminster works ? Because primarily in Scotland, many of us think westminister is a bit old fashioned and long in the tooth. Maybe its our groovy new EU style parliament setup thats contributed to that.

  3. NMac

    You’re right, Tories have always somehow tried to tarnish Labour as being full of traitors ready to sell out the country. However, when the real traitors came to light in the 1950s they were from the heart of the Tory Establishment. People such as Guy Burgess, Donald MacLean, Kim Philby and, of course, the notorious friend of the Windsor family, Anthony Blunt. The latter was even allowed to escape prosecution for his treachery. I’m sure had he been a Labour Party figure he would have felt the full force of the law and we wouldn’t have heard the end of it.

  4. marcusdemowbray

    According to BBC News site Polly Toynbee says in the Guardian that the “disconnect” between Cameron’s words and his actions is “dizzying”. Very apt!

    I remember a TV series called The Burke Special, hosted by ex Tomorrow’s World boffin James Burke. In one episode they showed a photo of a balding middle aged man and read out part of one of his speeches which was full of high-minded plans and full-gloss national pride rhetoric. The audience was asked for a show of hands for those that thought this sounded like someone they would vote for, and about 70% raised their hands.

    The photo was then revealed to have been air-brushed and an un-touched one was then shown, complete with moustache. It was Adolf Hitler and they were then told it was part of his speech from the massively stage-managed Nuremberg Rally. Many were clearly shocked.

    Camoron’s speech at the Tory Rally was massively stage-managed, gave a lot of “reasonable” sounding PR guff about caring for poor people and pride for UK, but we all know it is just PR from a sickeningly slick but totally useless PR man. All “big ideas”, but ones which have already been “dizzyingly” “disconnected” by his actions throughout his entire time as leader.

    His leadership has seen unprecedented and wilful increases in poverty, hunger and homelessness, all CAUSED by his actions, and all totally the opposite of his glossy PR words. The man is a complete charlatan, a nauseating, slimy, pig’s head f***ing toad.

    1. lanzalaco

      sure, and if they didnt do that, the IMF would put down the screws on the UK, maybe threaten to strip some of its assets further down the line.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but my understanding is that the IMF doesn’t have any power over the UK at this time.

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