Question Time tirade over tax credits leaves hard-hearted Tory speechless – but unrepentant

Some of you may be distressed by what follows. All of you should be.

This is what Tory lies mean. David Cameron promised – twice – that he would not cut tax credits that are a vital lifeline for people who are working hard to make ends meet, in the face of starvation wages from employers who couldn’t care less, ever-escalating bills from privatised utility companies, and ever-increasing rents from merciless landlords.

That was before the election. Now that he has won a majority, tax credits will be cut next April.

A hard-working young mum and former Tory voter was in tears as she tore into a Conservative minister for cutting her tax credits.

But her emotional speech fell on deaf ears, as heartless Energy Minister Amber Rudd looked away in silence.

It happened during an episode of BBC Question Time in Dover, after Rudd had declared Labour “the real threat to our economic security.”

And the moment has prompted an outpouring of reaction from MPs and activists, with one Tory saying his party made him feel ‘sick to my stomach’.

When it finally did, she told Rudd: “I voted Conservative originally because I thought you would be the better chance for me and my children.

“You’re about to cut tax credits after promising you wouldn’t.

“I work bloody hard for my money to provide for my children, to give them everything they’ve got.

“And you’re going to take it away from me and them.”

Her voice cracking and her eyes filling with tears, she continued: “I can hardly afford the rent I have to pay.

“I can hardly afford the bills I’ve got to do, and you’re going to take more from me.”

As a speechless Rudd, MP for nearby Hastings & Rye, struggled to find somewhere to look, the young mum shouted: “Shame on you.”

Here’s the clip.

David Cameron twice promised not to cut tax credits for the poorest working people, just days ahead of the general election.

But just three months later it was in George Osborne’s Budget.

Source: Hardworking mum’s tearful Question Time tirade over tax credits cuts leaves Tory minister speechless – Mirror Online

This Writer can’t help but think about all the New Labour goons who seriously thought they could beat the Tories with policies that were so close to those of the Tories that voters could hardly tell the difference.

Do they feel proud about what the Tories are doing?

If not, why are there still so many people in the Parliamentary Labour Party who think it’s clever to oppose the new leadership, which is offering a concrete alternative at long last?

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16 thoughts on “Question Time tirade over tax credits leaves hard-hearted Tory speechless – but unrepentant

  1. marcusdemowbray

    The Deceitful Tories keep on saying that “Living Wages” mean we don’t need Tax Credits. It does not occur to them that many Self-Employed people and small businesses DREAM of getting Minimum Wages, and they too are going to be hit by the latest Tory cuts.

  2. David Bacon

    So this unfortunate woman, already a recipient of tax credits voted tory then found that they were liars and would withdraw her credits when they suited them. A hard lesson to learn, but you don’t have to be very bright to know that the tories are, well, tories and will lie when it suits them. As for Amber Rudd: a disastrous minister, the sooner we’re rid of her the better.

    Cameron was always a shill, the persuasive face of toryism, until he gained power to represent real torysm.

  3. Mr.Angry

    Utter criminals the lot of them and purporting to be the party of the people, my heart goes out to this poor woman she is one of millions. The Tories are outright liars of the highest order.

  4. Dez

    Best piece of “all Conservatives are liars” lines for a long time…..good long awaited wake up call to let folk know those who voted Cons just what they voted for. Also they will now understand why the Cons never spelt out just how they would claw from the poor and sick the aggessive austerity benefit cuts. Shame was a total understatement to shout at that out of touch toffy nosed MP.

  5. Bill Kruse

    Perhaps this young mum should remember what it was that stopped the Poll Tax in its tracks, stop complaining and start ripping the country to pieces. Perhaps an away day to Cameron’s constituency of Witney could be arranged, with a view to beginning operations there.

  6. Peter Wyatt

    The Economic Sucurity of the country = the economic sucurity of the rich and powerful the 2% of the population.
    They fear the economic sucurity for the majority, because it will mean that the rich and powerful would have to start paying their own way and paying for their own debts and not expect the lower class in society to pay it for them, that they run up.

  7. Jonathan Wilson

    When they came for the sick I did not complain because I was still getting my tax credits.
    When they came for the disabled I did not complain because I was still getting my tax credits.
    When they came for the unemployed I did not complain because I was still getting my tax credits.
    When they came for the poor I did not complain because I was still getting my tax credits.
    When they came for the large families I did not complain because I was still getting my tax credits.
    When they came for the hard working I complained because they took my tax credits.
    When they came for the pensioner there was no one left to complain because only the rich were left…
    And they were doing quite nicely, thanks to the cun’servatives.

  8. Ram K Padmanaban

    The major thing to fear about this is, just like the Thatcherism, with the help of the MSM, this period will go down the history books as the second golden period of the tories.

    BBC hasn’t run a single negative press against Cameron and co in the last year especially, since the threat of cuts.

    There is no one to speak for the people, just the lobbyists who speak for the elites.

  9. AndyH

    The first of many ex conservative voters – given they only got the support of 1 in 4 voters they can hardly afford to alienate themselves.

  10. Bookworm

    I feel sorry for this ex tory voter and her sudden discovery that the tories led her and others up the garden path re tax credits, however was she of the opinion like a lot of tory voters are that other people claiming benefits through no fault of their own were scroungers?
    Maybe the tide will turn once the tax credit fiasco hits home with Tory/Ukip voters after Xmas. We ‘re all be in it together then.

  11. mrmarcpc

    THIS is the true face of tory cuts, this is the truth of it, this poor woman, who voted tory for some reason thought she’d be better off with them in power and of course sadly she now knows the truth and she won’t be the only one, nailed that tory bitch Rudd to her seat and boy, didn’t the heartless, arrogant bitch squirm, tried to brush it off but knew the woman’s message had hit home with others there and the viewing public, all the promises they’ve made they’ve broken, they’ve lied and cheated since 2010 and to get back into power and all the ones like that woman who voted for them are going to get royally screwed, just like the rest if us have since 2010!

  12. Michael Broadhurst

    i saw this young woman on QT,there was nothing put on,it was from the heart.
    it was gut wrenching.this govt ought to be ashamed of itself.
    lying,thieving,murdering scum they are,there’s no other words to describe them.

  13. Shaun-t

    After the 2010 election a local party ex-Conservative membership secretary(since resigned due to its current policies ) said to me it’s better that David Cameron is leader of the party than George Osborne. As my answer was to a very close relative, I think, I said something along the lines -but we have a cabinet system, not a presidential system as they have in the USA. There were two other answers I could have given: they would not have been elected with George as their leader and the second, Cameron, is just a pleasant mask that covers the face of a very nasty party. I’ve too much respect to makes these points and, anyway, I know the my relative told them that, and some more, to the M.P’s private secretary and, later, the MP, too.
    I gather a large numbers of ‘one nation Tories’ are extremely unhappy about what has become of the Conservative Party.
    Is David Cameron still refusing to reveal membership numbers for the last four years? I noted in something I read the other day about a comparison between Labour and Conservative party memberships that the number quoted for the Tories had to be derived from third party sources – so I suspect he/ his party do not want to admit the number of former party members who have left do to his party’s massive step to the right.
    Sorry about the grammatical errors, but my pain killers are either taking a longtime to work or not working at all. I hope it’s not going to be one of those nights, for it’s about time a had one.

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