David Cameron will be forced out like Thatcher if he goes ahead with ‘cruel’ tax credit cuts – Kinnock

Will tax credit cuts send David Cameron into obscurity in the same way the poll tax rid us of Margaret Thatcher?

Will tax credit cuts send David Cameron into obscurity in the same way the poll tax rid us of Margaret Thatcher?

David Cameron’s cuts to tax credits could see him forced out of Downing Street just as Margaret Thatcher was, Neil Kinnock has warned.

In a rare intervention, the former Labour leader told The Independent the Prime Minister’s “cruel” plans to cut £4.5bn from tax credits would provoke a similar reaction to Ms Thatcher’s divisive poll tax.

Lord Kinnock, the opposition leader between 1983 and 1992, said the tax credit cuts would be “devastating for millions of workers’ families”.

He said: “Two months ago the Budget pledged to ‘reward work and back aspiration’. The working tax credit cut negates that for over three million workers. Everyone – whatever their income – can see the massive injustice. The British sense of fair play will be deeply offended.”


Source: Neil Kinnock: David Cameron will be forced out like Thatcher if he goes ahead with ‘cruel’ tax credit cuts | UK Politics | News | The Independent

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13 thoughts on “David Cameron will be forced out like Thatcher if he goes ahead with ‘cruel’ tax credit cuts – Kinnock

  1. Jonathan Wilson

    He is going anyway… so there would be no point in ousting him now anyway as he’s a dead PM walking.

    I’d almost bet that at the autumn statement Giddiot says something along the lines of…

    “… thanks to our long term economic plan (1) for the security (2) of the hard working (3) people doing the right thing (4) we can today state we will raise/adjust so that unlike that Briton hating, tragedy apologist, Corbyn we are the party of the workers (5)…” and basically he will jigger the figures a little so the impact will be less.

    By the time the analysis is done (weeks later), and people are shown to still be screwed – just slightly less for some and much worse for others, the headlines showing how the chancer (sic) has worked magic will have already been published… no retraction after the event, by the papers or the BBC, will be forthcoming once people realise they have still been conned and lied to as it will be old news.

    He, Giddiot, is after all a consummate cun’servative and everything done will be to make sure he gets the top job.

    Just as how Hameron, the pigfiddler, said when asked about cuts to tax credits “I don’t want to do that” not “we won’t do that” not even “I won’t do that”… so not a lie, just a mistruth, as they say!

    (X) denotes the points you can play tory bull**it bingo and have a drink when the key, on message, phrases are used.

  2. Nick

    i think Neil Kinnock is wrong Cameron wont back down why should he ? what about all the deaths of the sick and disabled have the public been outraged ? no they have not most have not even been aware of such deaths and never will be as most people are inherently blind to the suffering of others

    there will be no backing down that you can be sure of and more deaths of the sick and disabled and for the very good reason the public aren’t interested and never have been

    1. Alf Jackson

      He won’t have to back down…The people will take to the streets as they did with thatcher.he WILL be brought down and a vote of no confidence will follow.the he would gave no option but to dissolve parliament.as thatcher did and announce that statement to the queen…..let him hang himself.along with Osborne ids and his other pig chasing mp’s

  3. Neilth

    Sadly I believe Neil is wrong. The poll tax was as deeply unfair as this planned slashing of tax credits but is not felt as viscerally as the poll tax. The poll tax was hitting everyone and only benefitting those living alone in very large houses. The cuts in tax credits will only really deeply affect the poorest who tend to be disassociated from politics anyway. These are the people who are less likely to be registered to vote or to join protests.

    The people who will organise and protest this heartless attack on the poorest workers are the ones who are politically engaged and willing to spare their time, this doesn’t smack of the mass protests against Thatcher I’m sad to say, unless the left can do a lot better in raising awareness of the damage being done to the ‘hard-working poor’ and to the economy in general by cutting the amount of money being spent to help regenerate our economy.

    Too many people have fallen for Osbornes babble about a ‘living wage’ thinking it’s the same as the Living Wage which has been part of TU and progressive policy for some years.

    Again the left have been caught out by allowing Osborne to steal our terminology and apply it inappropriately to rename the minimum wage.

    We need to make it clear that Osbornes ‘living wage’ is a paltry minimum and is nowhere near the rate needed to make it a real Living Wage.

    Until we get our act together and stop allowing the Tories to use their weasel words to redefine accepted terminology to suit their divisive agenda we will be kept on the back foot and we will be unable to galvanise a coordinated opposition to Tory attacks.

  4. donna marsh

    Brilliant force him out then he deserves to be forced out I don’t hate anyone except for David Cameron I hate the man well if you can call him a man!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Mr who?
      I tend to agree. Times have changed and people seem to need a lot more encouragement before they’ll do anything.

  5. mrmarcpc

    We can only live in hope and this time the people get to boot him out of office unlike with Thatcher when it was her own that brought her down, deprived us all of justice!

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