Law-abiding activist faces deportation from UK

Daniel Gardonyi speaks during a peaceful protest [Image: Daniel Gardonyi].

A political activist arrested but not charged during peaceful protests is facing illegal deportation from the UK, his lawyer has claimed.

It is thought to be the first case of its kind and has raised serious concerns that the right to peaceful protest, which is enshrined in English law, is being eroded.

Daniel Gardonyi, 34, is Hungarian but has lived in the UK for several years. He is self-employed and has been involved in several high-profile protests, including the occupation of Friern Barnet library in north London and the Sweets Way housing occupation in the borough of Barnet.

He was arrested during the recent Sweets Way protest but not charged with any offence. He then received a letter from the Home Office threatening to remove him from the UK as part of Operation Nexus, a joint police and Home Office operation designed to arrest and deport criminals from other parts of the EU living in the UK.

Lawyers say they believe it is the first time Operation Nexus has been used to target a law-abiding political protester rather than a foreign national offender.

Gardonyi’s solicitor, Daniel Furner, said parts of the letter to Gardonyi threatening to deport him appeared to be unlawful. “It appears that our client has been specifically and systematically targeted as a result of his peaceful, political activities in the UK.”

Gardonyi said: “My threatened removal from the UK for engaging in peaceful political protest has very serious implications for everyone who is engaged in legitimate and lawful protest.”

Source: Law-abiding activist faces deportation from UK | Law | The Guardian

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15 thoughts on “Law-abiding activist faces deportation from UK

  1. Mr.Angry

    This even before Cameron gets his new bill of rights, it’s the end for all of us welcome to the new dictatorship.

    1. chris

      Cameron will never get his bill of rights! its not the end for us! fight this don’t welcome to this dictatorship! help us fight this! don’t give up!

  2. Nick

    all people attending protests are photographed i was told by the DWP when i had a visit from them a couple of years ago

    They never implied that i was a protester they just implied that you would lose your benefits if caught protesting

    they were just paying their yearly visit to my house to see how i was doing so they say and to check up on my personal details but you can never be sure on the real reason or reasoning from this government on anything they say or do and if you are in receipt of any benefits then they are entitled to visit you at home at any time

  3. Gary Aronsson

    What very selective memories people have! I do not recall the likes of the Guardian getting restive when the BLAIR led NEW LABOUR Government passed the Civil Contingencies Act!

    This was slipped past in the House of Lords on the VERY day that the COMMONS was passing the anti-hunting bill,the one which enraged the whole of rural Britain and saw over half a million turn up in Parliament Square.That was the day on which the Commons Chamber was “invaded” by several “EX” members of the SAS and every news channel was droning on about the breach of security!

    Just in case you have forgotten what the Civil Contingencies Act is it is the marvellous Act which allows for a government minister to Seize,Use or Destroy our property without compensation if a state of emergency exists or IF they THINK one MAY DO in the future!

    It also allows them to COMPEL any person to perform ANY ACT!

    The Civil Contingencies Act is the complete Instant Police State Toolbox,and it was created by a LABOUR GOVERNMENT.Any person who still supports the Labour Party is clearly a FASCIST as only a fascist who want the power to make the British people slaves.Whatever the Conservatives do they are clearly going to be grateful to Tony Blair for showing them how to do it!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You do know that Labour is under new management and has reverted to being a Left-Wing party again, with values that support the people, rather than attack them?
      All your criticisms refer to Right-Wing New Labour.
      You appear to be living in the past.

  4. wildswimmerpete

    Sounds to me that Camoron is instigating the removal in order to “test the water” before he steamrollers his Nazi anti-human rights through Parliament next year. This is only the beginning of the Tories’ neo-Nazi regime. Look back to the early 1930s – history is repeating itself.

  5. Paul C. Dickie

    Perhaps the jerks at the Department of the Fatherland believe that, as he had been arrested but not charged, and that he did not then sue the police for damages, he really must be a criminal?

  6. chris

    for everyone saying it’s the end for all of us and we should give up and not fight that is how they win!

    help us fight for Human Right’s Act and this activist!

    if we work together we can stop this!

    join us in this fight Di ane, Mr.Angry, jeffrey if you don’t fight then you will be letting this happen!

  7. mrmarcpc

    So he doesn’t tow the line like most gutless Brits do, they’re going to kick him out the country, tells you right there what the tories are all about, a dictatorship to reign over us and slowly decimate the entire population so only their breed remain!
    The new British Bill of Rights will really be the Tory Agenda for Britain, i.e. ruin the country and screw the people for everything we’ve got even more, bring back the work and poor houses, take all of our rights away, take all the money away from the working class and give them food stamps that the Yanks use for their poor, you can only have so much to your name and so many kids or you’ll get penalised, basically, you will have nothing and the nation will have nothing, everything else that hasn’t yet been flogged off will be and we will all be the poorer and the more vulnerable than we’ve ever been before!

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