MPs fail to give £7k pay rises to charity

Two-thirds of MPs who promised to give their 10 per cent pay rises away to charity have so far failed to do so, a survey has found.

The increase, which saw an MP’s salary rise from £67,000 to £74,000 after the election in May, was paid automatically into the bank accounts of all 650 members in the Commons.

Amid a public outcry earlier this year, 69 MPs pledged not to take the money and to give it away to good causes.

But research by the Sun newspaper discovered that only 26 had so far delivered on their promises or made plans to donate the money.

Source: MPs fail to give £7k pay rises to charity – Telegraph

20 thoughts on “MPs fail to give £7k pay rises to charity

      1. Billious

        Do they ever? Remember the words that came out of Herr Daves gob, (l will not touch child tax credits). Lying b*****d.

    1. Terry Jager

      Wouldn’t expect the tory mp’s to, lets be honest there not known for much outside of self interest ,but would be very curious as to which Labour MP;s haven’t as a % of blairites / corbinites. This return to real Labour values ushered in with Mr Corbin could be the best thing for labour in 15 years+ , but i’m damn sure there are some labour MP’s who don’t fully comprehend the enormity of whats happened or what the electorate are telling them .

  1. Ron Wilson

    You should know better than take anything the Sun says at face value, Mike. 100% of the 56 SNP MP’s turned down the wage rise in solidarity with their constituents suffering 1% or no pay rises,

      1. Ron Wilson

        Silly. It’s on record. You should have the good grace to say ‘well done’ which I’m sure you would have, had Labour MP’s done likewise.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        If it’s on record, the numbers would add up differently in the report. I know you want people to discount the investigation because it comes from The Sun, but without any evidence to the contrary other than that the SNP said so, that is a particularly weak argument that deserves less time than it takes for me to discount it.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, but this is not about what we expected – it’s about holding them to their promises.

  2. no bull

    They are career politicians who are in it for serious cash, freelance work and the lifestyle. They will hide, manipulate and tell you black is white. They also work for a bilderberg elite master who tells politicians throughout europe, USA and Austrailia what to sell to the public. Parliament gives an illusion of free choice and a safety blow valve for the public.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      This Bilderberg stuff – do you have hard evidence to prove it? No? Then don’t broadcast hearsay.

  3. no bull

    Actually another thing is does anybody think politicians like George Osbourne have the brains to work out more than ten rows of coke, let alone calculate a budget for the country? Doesnt it seem odd that whoever a pm chooses has the skills to do this, no matter who gets reshuffled within a cabinet? They are a bunch of magicians.

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