Jeremy Corbyn DID Bow At The Cenotaph During Remembrance Sunday Service

Jeremy Corbyn laid a wreath at the Cenotaph during the Remembrance Sunday service and instantly drew criticism for not bowing.

Only he did…

Source: Jeremy Corbyn DID Bow At The Cenotaph During Remembrance Sunday Service

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12 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn DID Bow At The Cenotaph During Remembrance Sunday Service

    1. timeless

      thats the Tory media for you, they are more than happy to misquote and completely lie to everyone but the moment you start catching on all hell breaks loose and somehow they end up blaming it on someone else..

      either way tho, all this Corbyn bashing is getting old, lve seen children be more constructive in their criticism than the Tories and the right wing media..

  1. Jenny Hambidge

    This criticism is disgraceful. Did anyone notice that Jeremy Corbyn also attended the Remembrance event on Saturday night and SANG THE HYMNS out of respect for the prevailing culture. So he didn’t bow low or long enough. He can’t do right for doing wrong.

    I found the events excruciaingly toe curling, Anglican exclusivity glorifying war. Yes it does, because it is not just remembering the dead soldiers of the first world war, but of any war we have been involved in including Iraq where the British soldiers -under orders- killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraq citizens and led to the present ghastly situation in the Middle East.

    At the very least our obsession with the gross self congratulating Remembrace Celebrations should be tempered by humility and repentance-. and choice as to whether to weari a red flower or not.

    Just to say that grand father fought in the Boer War, my uncles – all four of them- fought in the first World War, My father in the Second, my brother in Vietnam.

  2. Roy Beiley

    The media are doing what the Tories want. A campaign of constant criticism which they hope will poison “people’s” minds against him. He is like a piece of sandpaper scratching away at the beautifully polished facade of the the Establishment and they are furious at him spoiling their creation. Moreover, they are unsure at the moment whether he will continue to attract the level of support he has currently enjoyed so finding his Achilles heel is of paramount importance. Today’s out of order comments by the military bloke on the Andrew Marr Show about Corbyns refusal to use nukes is a sign of the malign tosh being used. It doesn’t matter if it stands up to scrutiny, once in the public arena it can not be retracted and whiff of “unpatriotic” behaviour stays in some people’s minds. They fear no other opposition politician except perhaps Nicola Sturgeon. Not long till they make them a double threat to our security?

  3. paulrutherford8

    I would point out that he also buttoned his shirt and wore a tie. I expect his nails were manicured and his teeth brushed too.

    Is the tw*t next to him pretending to be upset?

  4. casalealex

    Don’t ya just wanna spit! Depends what you mean by bow! To bow is to bend your head forward, or bend your body from the waist. Jeremy did bend his head – I saw it – but of course the media wanted a full body bow from their scapegoat. On another point, I felt physically sick with ‘Delighted’ Dave ‘solemnly’ laying his wreath, and bowing his head, whilst he is determined to escalate more killing in Syria.

  5. casalealex

    And the Labour leader’s wreath at the Cenotaph carried the message: “In memory of the fallen in all wars. Let us resolve to create a world of peace.”

    The Prime Minister’s wreath said: “In memory of those who gave everything for our freedoms and our way of life. They will not be forgotten.”

    “…..our freedoms …” and “….our way of life….”. Who’s freedoms, and who’s lives?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Excellent work, deciphering the Tory message.
      We all need to watch what they say, in order to point out these issues for others who may still think Tories want to speak for everyone.

  6. Janet Schreyer

    That’s because the media are tories for the most part and they’re getting desperate as their party leadership are becoming icons of hatred and contempt, even to some
    tory voters , behaving ever more boorishly while Jeremy Corbyn seems unable to put a foot wrong with the public. He hasn’t told a lie , he hasn’t lowered himself to personal insults , he’s doggedly repeated his questions on behalf of the people and refused to get sidetracked despite having so far not being given a straight answer. They’re rooting around like pigs trying to find some muck that might stick, real pigs aren’t so foolish , they root in muck because they enjoy it, not because they want to throw it at someone else..

  7. Wanda Lozinska

    It has also been reported that Jeremy missed the VIP lunch to stay behind and applaud the marching veterans. There’s photographic evidence of this.

    1. Roy Beiley

      Possibly he had another engagement. He did what was expected of him in a way that was respectful but not over the top. Sheep like politicians fearing the media is what we don’t want any more. We, the public, need role model politicians who WE can respect for their integrity not those spouting PR bollocks we hear all the time.

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