Stop The War: Thousands Protest Against Plans To Join Air Strikes Against Islamic State In Syria

Thousands of people gathered in London on Saturday to protest against plans for Britain to join air strikes against the Islamic State group in Syria.

Parliament is expected to vote on the issue next week after Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday urged action on Syria saying: “The threats to our interests and to our people are such that we cannot afford to stand aside and not to act.”

The protest was organised by the Stop The War Coalition protest movement, which is also holding a string of other demonstrations around Britain.

Source: Stop The War: Thousands Protest Against Plans To Join Air Strikes Against Islamic State In Syria

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12 thoughts on “Stop The War: Thousands Protest Against Plans To Join Air Strikes Against Islamic State In Syria

  1. Nick

    or will it just be the likes of me and you that will die as always ?

    someone should tell the prime minister that these terrorists would be impossible to get rid of as they are to small in number and spread out worldwide

    they are part of society just as rats in london are and there is no way any type of bombing could kill then off

  2. Thomas

    Bombing ISIS might hit innocent people and/or cause a terrorist attack here, enabling the government to take away what freedoms we have left.

  3. ian725

    The Problem is that these MPs get a ‘ FEEL GOOD FACTOR’ whilst ‘Howling at the Moon’ safe in their bunks .. no risk to their lives. How many sorties have been flown by how many countries already …. only to receive the Paris and other like atrocities. Bombing will never achieve an end on its own. Professional Multi National action by Ground Troops totaling tens of thousands perhaps even up to 40 50 Thousand inclusive of logistical troops and intelligence. Plus a cohesive Plan over the next 10 years by a Global and neighbouring Middle Eastern Multinational group determined to give no quarter to Terrorists. placing sanctions which includes the restrictions of funds ,arms etc. Punish those who supply arms and back the UN to organise food and relief. Jeremy has the right idea however he needs to go further.

  4. hayfords

    Stop the War protestors shouting outside Downing St won’t stop the government doing what they think is right and nor should it. Pressure groups should realise that they will be not get their way. Government is there for the majority and not not for small factions. The common complaint of protest groups is that the government is not listening to them. The reality is that the government does listen to a variety of groups and then does what it feels is correct. The complaint that protestors are not listened to, is really a complaint they they didn’t get their way. In a democracy, you have a right to be heard but not to get your way. Getting your way involves having much closer to majority support.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Of course, the majority of the British public – who have expressed an opinion, opposes the proposal for air strikes in Syria, vehemently. I take it you hope they will not be ignored and the plan will be defeated.

      1. hayfords

        These polls don’t sound like vehement opposition. In any event, I expect the bombing will take place as it should have done in 2013.

        Survation/Mirror polled after Cameron’s statement this week, and found 48% agreed with Britain beginning airstrikes against Islamic State alongside France and the US, 30% of people disagreed.

        YouGov earlier this week asked if people would approve or disapprove of the RAF taking part in airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. 59% would approve, 20% would disapprove.

        ComRes for the Indy on Sunday asked a question on whether people would support Britain taking part in airstrikes against ISIS without UN approval (there wasn’t a parallel version with UN approval). 46% would support airstrikes without UN approval, 32% would not.

        A slightly earlier ComRes poll for the Daily Mail asked if people would back British military air strikes against Syria – 60% would, 24% would oppose

        BMG for the Standard asked a question on whether Britain should extend it’s current airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq to cover Syria as well. This found an even split – 50% thought they should, 50% thought they should not

        Last week ICM asked a question about Parliamentary consent. It found 46% supported airstrikes if Parliament agreed, 23% supported airstrikes without Parliamentary consent, 12% opposed airstrikes regardless, 19% didn’t know

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        The polls you quote demonstrate the ideologies of the people paying for them.

        I’m interested by the Daily Mirror poll you quote. I responded to an online poll on the paper’s website last week, which showed 80% opposed to air strikes. That seems to correspond with the ITN poll, if I recall correctly.

        YouGov has been criticised for choosing respondents according to whether they are likely to support the view of the poll’s sponsor; ComRes for its curious weighting of responses.

        By contrast, I was at a meeting yesterday where everybody opposed air strikes. Not one person spoke in favour of them.

    2. ian725

      Hayfords your post shows a Major Flaw .. in the The Present Conservative Government does ‘NOT’ represent the Majority of the British People by a long way.

      1. hayfords

        That had a bigger following in the GE than Labour and also received a bigger percentage of the vote than Blair in his last election. No party has ever won with a majority of the electorate in modern times (since just after WWII). Does that mean that no Labour government has ever had a mandate?

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Change the record, Hayfords – the numbers show that ian725 is right and the Tory Government is unrepresentative of UK citizens.

  5. hayfords

    The poll on the Daily Mirror web site is just a reflection of the newspaper’s readership. If you responded to a poll on the Telegraph website you would be pretty much guaranteed the opposite result. The Mirror poll I mention above was a proper poll conducted by Survation and published in the Mirror.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Tut tut, Hayfords! Double standards! You say the Mirror website poll is just a reflection of the paper’s readership while failing to acknowledge that the polls you mentioned are reflections of the will of their sponsors. I can’t speak about the Mirror/Survation poll because I haven’t seen it, but it was no more proper than the Mirror website poll. In fact, the website poll will be more representative, having attracted more responses.

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