Emile Ghessen in Paris - but how did he get there?

Emile Ghessen in Paris – but how did he get there?

The Sun newspaper has been criticised for publishing “made up” information as part of a story that claimed one of its reporters had travelled from Turkey to Paris without having to show his passport.

In an article billed as a “damning exposure of Europe’s lax borders”, journalist Emile Ghessen said he had smuggled himself 2,000 miles, following the route used by refugees and some of those behind the recent Paris attacks.

But Croatia’s interior ministry dealt a crushing blow to the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid, refuting the allegations by publishing a scan of the man’s passport as proof he had been screened by border security.

They added that facts reported by Ghessen had been “made up” and said he had been stopped twice – first on a train when he entered Croatia and again before boarding a flight out of the country.

A Sun spokesman said an investigation had been launched and distanced the paper from Ghessen.

The Sun is currently investigating concerns that have been raised about this story,” they said.

“The journalist concerned is not a member of The Sun‘s staff but a freelance documentary maker, whose work has been used by national broadcasters, newspapers and websites.”

The story was not carried by any other newspaper.

Source: The Sun Forced To Take Down ‘Made Up’ Story On Isis Attackers’ Route After Croatia Exposes ‘Liar Journalist’