Jack Paton: Local hero [Image: Cumberland News].

Guido Fawkes and the Daily Express couldn’t wait to jump on the fact that the Labour Party lost the first council by election of the year last Thursday.

But both Guido and the Daily Express are guilty of sloppy journalism because if they had looked or wanted to look more carefully things were not as they seemed.

In fact the Labour share of the vote – in a low turnout of 18 per cent- marginally INCREASED – from 33.1 to 33.5 per cent.

The party that lost out more was the third placed Conservative candidate whose share of the vote DECLINED by 5.4 per cent. Funny that was not reported.

And this is where sloppy journalism really takes the biscuit – is that the winning candidate is a local hero.

He is Jack Paton, a former veteran, and a long time campaigner of the old style ”pavement politics” type which was pioneered in the past by the Liberal Democrats.

Where Jeremy Corbyn might want to take note is that he is an army veteran and a traditional working class supporter who backs our troops.

In that sense the vote is a warning to Corbyn that Labour is a broad church and needs to decide how it is going to keep on side this type of voter. After all the next PM is 2020 will definitely not be an Independent.

Source: Fact and Fiction over Jeremy Corbyn’s first by election defeat of the year | David Hencke