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I always worry when David Cameron or Iain Duncan Smith use sentences like: “We will embark on an all out assault on poverty”, because what they actually mean, as past and recent history informs us, is an all out state assault on the poor and further attacks on our social security provision.
Benefits were originally carefully calculated to meet only basic needs. Welfare was designed to provide the minimal amount for food, fuel and shelter to ensure that those unable to provide for themselves didn’t fall into absolute poverty. The amount was based on “the amount the law says you need to live on.” This has been steadily eroded by the welfare “reforms” – cuts.  The severe and punitive welfare sanctions have normalised the idea of people having no welfare support at all, pushing the normative, moral, ethical and rational boundaries of ordinary people steadily, incrementally, in the same way that all tyrants do when they want to take away public rights and freedoms.

The Tories have a plain intent to completely dismantle the welfare state, step by step, using justification narratives that stigmatise and scapegoat the poorest people in order to harden public attitudes, diminishing empathy for the poor, and above all, to get their own way. All of this comes down to nothing more than traditional Tory prejudices towards poor people and their “small state” ideology.

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12 thoughts on “Social Security | Politics and Insights

  1. Terry Davies

    whatever happened to Keynsian theory which has belief in ensuring that the lower earners are given sufficient money to enable them to spend it in the economy.
    it was my understanding the welfare benefits were deemed fair.

  2. mozzas01

    Well said Mike.

    I regret to confirm there is still worse to come for the poorest and most vulnerable in Britain. My new book: CASH NOT CARE ~ the planned demolition of the UK welfare state will, I hope, be published later this year and all evidence confirms that many more will suffer to add to the total who have already died following government tyranny that the UK national press will not report.

    1. Terry Davies

      its the imbeciles and politically ignorant who are buying in to this Dictatorial government.
      We live in an elected dictatorship soon to become absolute.
      Yet people cant or wont see the detriment this has in their lives.

    2. A-Brightfuture

      I hope your book gets published, you are so right. We only have to look at Europe to see what`s in store for us.
      A force more powerful than Cameron is ruling this country, and clinging on to Labour or coming out of the EU to save us, is well……deluded.

      When Cameron said that they where all in it together, he was right, its the only time that man did not lie.

      The well oiled wheels of social engineering and the Orwellian State are well and truly in place. The only people that can make a difference is ourselves, the vast majority of politicians have a gun to their head to make sure the demolition takes place.

      Scary isn’t it!!!
      We do not need a crystal ball to know our future, its in our face.
      I do now truly believe in the “NEW WORLD ORDER”.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Don’t lump Labour in with the ‘All in it together’ crowd. Even if that were true under Blair, Brown and Miliband, it certainly isn’t now!

    3. James Kemp

      I am NOT advocating violence but what do they think will happen when / if there are a large amount of people with nothing to lose and then a group of people who are attacking them and reduced police to hide behind. guess what will happen next!

      It’s so stupid compair like IDS visit yesterday where he had to hide and call for help with the police and Jeremy no real security happy to meet the people and not hide from them. But Jeremy is meant to be the evil one come on let’s get real… The Tories are not that stupid that they cannot see what will happen if you disenfranchise people they have nothing left to lose violence will happen just look at history…

    4. John Payne

      well said Mozza. people in the UK are oblivious to wat is happening right in front of their eyes. When they inevitably need welfare one day it simply will not be there. And if you have no money you will as they say ‘Suck it up’. Wake up you silent majority and defend your rights in the Tory war on you poor.

  3. NMac

    The evil policies being pursued by the Tories (in order to further enrich themselves) is compounded by the failure of the right wing press to report the resulting tragedies.

  4. Dez

    Maybe that’s why there are now many fly on the wall documentaries about folk on welfare and immigrants etc where the focus is on those that abuse the system to persuade the middle ground that a root ‘n branch reformation is needed in this area.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yup. It happened around 2010. Right-wing Labour may have referred to it in similar fashion previously, along with the Tory opposition.

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