Cabinet minister repeats ‘bunch of migrants’ line – to distract from Cameron’s big lie?

Dead cat strategy: Did McLaughlin repeat the 'bunch of migrants' slur so that the bigger lie about Jeremy Corbyn's attitude to refugees would go unchallenged?

‘Dead cat’ strategy: Did McLaughlin repeat the ‘bunch of migrants’ slur so that the bigger lie about Jeremy Corbyn’s attitude to refugees would go unchallenged?

While everybody obsesses about the “bunch of migrants” slur, repeated by Patrick McLaughlin on the BBC’s Question Time last night (January 28), David Cameron is getting away with a huge lie about Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

Here it is, as stated by the Independent [bolding mine]:

The PM has already defended the comments himself, telling Sky News earlier this week: “I was making a very clear point that Jeremy Corbyn was meeting with migrants and telling them they could all come to Britain.”

In fact, Labour’s policy is for the Home Office to consider admitting some people in the camps with connections to Britain, including those who have British passports.

The party’s leader Mr Corbyn has also called for the Government to get other EU nations to take their fair share of refugees and migrants in Europe.

That’s right – Corbyn never told any migrants “they could all come to Britain” – but Cameron knows it’s the kind of mud that sticks and he has been repeating the lie time and time again.

Why aren’t news reporters and TV interviewers challenging Cameron and his cabinet ministers on this lie?

Perhaps you believe it already. This Writer knows of one Vox Political reader who does.

The pseudonymical ‘paradoxicalsculder’ referred to “Corbyn’s wish of opening the flood doors to all these refugees/immigrants, who will enjoy a beautifully furnished home, learn English, receive free food vouchers or coupons, etc all to the cost of the British Taxpayer.”

It is sad to see a person so deeply misled by a lie.

Don’t let yourself fall into the same trap.
Source: Tory Cabinet minister Patrick McLoughlin repeats David Cameron’s ‘bunch of migrants’ line | UK Politics | News | The Independent

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8 thoughts on “Cabinet minister repeats ‘bunch of migrants’ line – to distract from Cameron’s big lie?

  1. Harry

    You know Mike…I find that I agree with Mr Corbyn on most issues, but am not in full agreement in the case of mass migration. I believe very firmly that a country must, in the final analysis be capable of supplying the basic necessities for life itself, that is to be self sufficient. Our nation is likely already oversubscribed. I remember Gordon Brown purchasing 90 million flu vaccine doses and saying, loud and clear, that he had purchased vaccinations for every person(sic) in Britain. Nobody appeared to notice the implication in that statement for the actual demographics of this country. I remember reading once that Britains infrastructure was set to serve a population of 50 million. Yet Mr Brown owned up to the fact that 90 million doses of Flu Vax was required to innoculate the entire population. So Mike, it is my view that old Albion, albeit “perfidious Albion” is full. Others must now step forward; Our population load is already beyond proper management. One further point: Ask yourself, why are the western militaries concentrated upon bombing civilian infrastructure? Think long and hard about that Mike, and see if like me you decide that that it is to force entire populations to move elsewhere.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Brown would have bought more than official population figures showed, partly to cover any people who weren’t registered in the last census, and partly to cover for faults in the product itself – I would expect.
      As for Mr Corbyn’s attitude to mass migration – you do understand that Corbyn absolutely did NOT suggest AT ANY POINT that all the refugees in Calais could come here?

    2. Martin Odoni

      The most recent reliable figures show the UK’s population is around 64.5 million. There’s no reason to get all that worried yet, although I would argue that a re-assessment would be required if we got near to about 70 million. The real problem at the moment is more congestion in some areas and sparcity in others; Scotland, for instance, would probably benefit from a population boost, whereas parts of London and the West Midlands are getting a bit overloaded.

      As for 90 million – not a chance, we’ve never been within a light year of that population size. Remember that, depending on their degree of immunity, many people need to have the flu vaccination done more than once each winter.

    3. foggy

      I’m sick to the back teeth of people getting things wrong and believe the right wing mantra. These terrified people in the camps are ASYLUM SEEKERS not migrants. These people are seeking refuge, safety and security because their home that they love has become far to dangerous for them to stay and exist in anymore. ASYLUM SEEKERS, for goodness sake -please note !

  2. Terry Davies

    anybody who believes a word stated by cameron is an idiot.
    Anybody who cites anything by a tory as the truth is an imbecile incapable of individual thought.

  3. John

    “Why aren’t news reporters and TV interviewers challenging Cameron and his cabinet ministers on this lie?”

    I find myself wondering why you’ve written this statement Mike? (unless I’m missing something here??)

    Why aren’t news reporters and TV interviewers challenging Cameron and his cabinet ministers on ALL his lies?!!!!!

    Cameron and others have repeatedly blatantly LIED before about things that Corbyn has said, yet, from most of what I’ve seen, it’s never been challenged??

    A few examples:
    1) Being a Britain hater
    2) The famous BinLaden lie (Tory party conference speech)
    3) Stig Abel on QT claiming Corbyn wanted to disband the army etc

    There has been clear media bias AGAINST corbyn, I believe, even BEFORE he became leader.

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