If the most accomplished naval nation in the world can’t even build a working warship, what does that suggest about the planned renewal of Trident?

It’s the obvious question.

Apparently the Ministry of Defence regards its Type 45 destroyers as the “backbone” of the Royal Navy.

If that’s true, then it seems the Navy has a broken back.

Replacement will be expensive and embarrassing – and calls into question every new spending commitment by our most unnecessarily profligate government department.

The Royal Navy’s most modern warships are to be fitted with new engines because they keep breaking down.

In an email seen by the BBC, a serving Royal Navy officer wrote that “total electric failures are common” on its fleet of six £1bn Type 45 destroyers.

The Ministry of Defence said there were reliability issues with the propulsion system and work to fix it would be done to ensure “ships remain available”.

One Royal Navy officer said the cost could reach tens of millions of pounds.

Source: Type 45 destroyers: UK’s £1bn warships face engine refit – BBC News