Parliament votes to keep MPs’ arrests secret from the public – and just one member voted against

Chris Grayling: He looks guiltiest of the lot [Image: PA].

Oh, so they have a right to privacy under the Human Rights Act that the Conservative Party wants to scrap, do they?

Will they lose that right when the Tories go through with their plans to end your human rights and replace them with a list of things you won’t be allowed to do? Not likely.

This will quietly stay on the statute book.

Oh, and what about naming MPs if they are found guilty of crimes?

Will that happen – or will their convictions be quietly swept under the carpet?

Tory corruption.

The Palace of Westminster is slowing turning into an open sewer.

Parliament voted to keep MPs arrests a secret tonight, under new rules pushed through by Tory minister Chris Grayling.

In a chilling move, debated for less than an hour, the House of Commons decided the public have no right to know if their MP is arrested

Just one MP voted against the new rules.

Until now, the names of members placed under arrest was a matter of public record and was announced to the House by Speaker John Bercow.

But after last night’s vote, there will be no public record of an MP being arrested unless the MP outs him or herself.

The motion was tabled by Tory Leader of the House Chris Grayling, arguing the naming of MPs under arrest breached their “right to privacy” under the Human Rights Act.

While he was Justice Secretary, Mr Grayling led Government plans to scrap the Human Rights Act.

Source: Parliament votes to keep MPs’ arrests secret from the public – and just one member voted against – Mirror Online

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26 thoughts on “Parliament votes to keep MPs’ arrests secret from the public – and just one member voted against

  1. David Woods

    It’s what happens when criminals take control – they are not bound to the laws of the land they exclude themselves with parliamentary privelidge!

    They are professional liars and thieves; they were caught dipping their fingers into the public purse and walked away unscathed by saying “we were poorly informed”; their perversions are deliberately covered up thereby denying their victims justice!

    Their friends totally wreck the global economy and walk away not only unscathed but STILL receiving bonus payments! UNTOUCHABLES!

  2. Mr.Angry

    I can’t find words to describe this being and we pay his extortionate salary a twisted sour evil excuse of humanity.

    I can only envisage they dress in strange garments and meet in a darkened room and plan their next satanic oppressive hatred against the human race.

  3. Stephen Mellor

    *All* politicians should live under the same rules as the rest of us.

    Or, in some case, those rules should be more restrictive (e.g. reporting outside activities.)

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      John Mann, it seems.
      Dennis Skinner said he couldn’t see why people were making such a fuss about MPs being arrested.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Oh yes it does!

      From Hansard:

      “Patrick Grady (Glasgow North) (SNP): It is clear from the report that this reform of our procedure is overdue.

      “This is a comprehensive report, which has arrived at clear conclusions. It is the work of two generations of parliamentarians, and I pay tribute again to the predecessor Committee. This Committee has reached a clear and simple consensus, and I hope that, notwithstanding some of the questions that we have just heard, the House will be able to do so as well.”

      The SNP was there and supported the motion.

  4. Dez

    Their gleaming new arm bands are in the post……new jack boots and uniforms will be forwarded later when the UK takeover is complete. I would have hoped this was a cross party group but feels like they are all tarred with the same brush….apart from just one with integrity. Why they feel they are above every one else beggers belief.

  5. MarkG

    Alas poor Britain, I knew it well.
    Just like the Nazi party did in Germany the CONservatives are doing the same here today. The Nazi party was full of corruption, persecution, cruelty and murder on a grand scale. No wonder the PEDOS AND RAPISTS GOT AWAY WITH IT IN THE PAST. Now you will not even here about the deviants in case of arrest and imprisonment of good people telling the truth. Everyone who is not a Nazi is a criminal. Everyone who is not a Tory is a criminal. You are a criminal, you just don’t know it yet. Military uniforms have been replaced by suits. Time for Revolution and hang them

  6. Lisa N Paul Reardon

    Seems my MP thinks otherwise…….

    “The report you cite is wrong on just about every count!

    Kind regards,


    Michael Tomlinson MP
    Member of Parliament for Mid Dorset and North Poole
    House of Commons | London | SW1A 0AA”

    Can I prove him wrong?

  7. Michael Broadhurst

    again one law for them and another one for the rest of us.
    sounds like a law for kiddy fiddling by MPs.

  8. chris

    thing is they are not going to scrap the Human Rights Act, they saying they will but they wont and they will keep pushing back the date for it because they know it will never pass

  9. Joan Edington

    Is this really one rule for them and another for us? I know that when some people are arrested it does get out, usually by some media hack who’s been in the know. However, I always thought that it was when someone was actually charged with an offence that it officially became public knowledge. Many people are arrested, questioned, then let go because they are innocent, or at least there is no evidence against them. I totally agree that there are a lot of scum at Westminster, although the ones I believe should be charged with crimes, won’t be. I’m not convinced, however, that the arrest stage is where the issue should be raised in the house, whose procedings are open to the public, if the man in the street is entitled to privacy (officially).

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Well, the law is that the police have discretion to name anyone they have arrested – or to withhold the name.

  10. Fred

    Do we assume then that all tory mp’s are under arrest (THEY SHOULD BE)
    Didn’t Germany have the same law in 1938?

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