Vital support for the disabled slashed by 20% as Iain Duncan Smith approves town hall cuts

Brutal: Iain Duncan Smith axed the Independent Living Fund

In the source article, campaigner Linda Burnip (hi, Linda) says the Tory claim that the measures are fair because the number of claimants will fall is based on the hope that “enough” people will die.

She said: “Councils won’t have any funding devolved for people who stay alive instead of dying off ‘when they should do’.”

It’s more chequebook euthanasia, isn’t it?

Take away the funding that allows people a little quality-of-life and you “nudge” them into hopelessness – and on to death.

And the joy of it, for heartless people of Iain Duncan Smith’s ilk – is that the Conservative Government cannot be directly blamed.

Trouble is, we have seen coroners’ reports that do, indeed, blame the government for benefit-related suicides.

Admittedly, it seems the coroners are now being gagged, but the reports are there and it is up to anybody in the unhappy position of having to attend an inquest for a loved one who has died due to withdrawal of benefits to question any coroner’s verdict that doesn’t say so.

Heartless Iain Duncan Smith is allowing a brutal 20 per cent cut in vital support for disabled people.

A Government consultation slipped out this month reveals the cash available for disabled people who used to get the Independent Living Fund (ILF) will be slashed by almost a fifth over the next four years.

When the fund was controversially closed by Work and Pensions Secretary IDS last summer it sparked huge protests as disabled people clashed with cops inside the Houses of Parliament.

At the time Mr Duncan Smith’s Department for Work and Pensions said the cash would simply be handed over to local councils, allowing them to support disabled people instead.

But the new consultation launched by his Tory colleagues in the Department for Communities and Local Government reveals the funding paid to town halls will be cut by 19 per cent in real terms over the next four years – totalling £34.5million by the end of the Parliament.

Source: Vital support for the disabled slashed by 20% as Iain Duncan Smith approves town hall cuts – Mirror Online

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12 thoughts on “Vital support for the disabled slashed by 20% as Iain Duncan Smith approves town hall cuts

  1. Mr.Angry

    I find this absolutely disgusting, how they can sit in office and plan the demise of their fellow beings is beyond human comprehension.

    We have to get them out never to return again.

  2. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    It is time for the country to take action against the perpetrators of evil which is exactly what IDS’s actions are. If we continue to be afraid to rise up and defeat evil, evil will defeat us. Where are the unions or are they too afraid to take any action?

  3. John

    Wonder how long the (“not all it’s cracked up to be”) UN investigation on the UK is supposed to take? If this was any normal business causing significant numbers of deaths due to incompetence/malpractive, I’m pretty sure that criminal charges would have been brought long before now! I wholeheartedly agree with Corbyn (as any normal minded person would), that ALL governments should be FULLY accountable for their actions. Thankfully though, it does appear that slowly but surely, their past is catching up with them!

  4. NMac

    One day, I sincerely hope the corrupt, dishonest and evil character Duncan-Smith will be brought before a Court for what he has done to vulnerable people and for what he continues to do.

  5. e saul

    this man needs to see some kind of phsychiatrist or he needs medical help, is he really a christian like he says or is that just another one his many lies he has told why is he getting away with this .and also mike guardian today 18/02/16 roll out of universal credit will cost the poorest of all to make a claim as smith will not allow free call so will be charged to claim, this man is out of control for someone who would have been fired a long time ago if in private sector we are paying this evil man to carry out his evil policies

  6. Gary Aronsson

    The “Caring” profession have been killing people off for decades! In 2014 I was present when my 91 year old father in law was going to have a feeding tube fitted.The doctor stated that it would be necessary to give him a “muscle relaxant” to allow the tube to go down and that it would take 15 minutes for the drug to take effect.

    We encouraged him to co-operate and he agreed so he had the shot,but imagine our puzzlement when less than a minute AFTER giving it the very doctor who had said it would take 15 minutes to work returned and fitted the tube immediately?

    Dad went through this less than pleasant experience and the tube was fitted long before the “muscle relaxant” had time to do what we were told it would do.
    Happily sitting up in bed and listening to us try and cheer him up,he had suffered a serious head injury which the hospital had made worse by REFUSING him ANY initial treatment ,his chest suddenly went down like a collapsing bells and he died,exactly 15 minutes after the “muscle relaxant” had been administered.

    We demanded an autopsy and at the coroners court I was able to get the pathologist to state that the consultant was WRONG to claim that Dad had suffered a STROKE.He agreed with me that the initial head injury had caused bleeding on the brain that had caused brain damage and that this COULD have been avoided IF A&E had not refused to treat him for the FIRST 3 HOURS!

    When I attempted to take this further and enquire about the “muscle relaxant” the Coroner suddenly said we already had a cause of death and the inquest was over despite the fact that HE had called 3 nurses to give evidence and had yet to call them.

    The death of my father in law was nothing short of deliberate murder,the doctor in A& E had tried to send him home without ANY treatment for 3 hours until his condition was so bleeding obvious that this pretence could no longer hold,then,and only then did they admit that he had suffered a serious head injury.They refused to feed him for several weeks and he only got water when we were in attendance.They put him on a ward for patients who were SELF CARING and thus was very lightly staffed,rather than a high dependency or specialist head injuries unit.

    Do not be under ANY illusion that the NHS does not practice triage based upon AGE and ECONOMIC VALUE,they kill people everyday and get away with it.I now have nothing but contempt for doctors as I KNOW what they get up to and what they get away with! Dr. Shipman simply went freelance,don’t kid yourself that the others are any different.Why else would they want to know your age,occupation and family structure before deciding upon treatment? This information is of value to them so they can decide if you are WORTH saving,can the state get any more sweat out of you,do you have a family who might make a fuss afterwards?

    To the NHS and the government we are nothing more than kine,a raw material to be used to help THEM achieve THEIR aims,they have no more sympathy for us than you would for used Kleenex.Don’t EVER fall for the bullshit about us all being in this together,they would grind us up to grease the gearbox of their Chelsea Tractors! When you read about Agenda 21 everything will make perfect sense!

  7. Christine Bergin

    Please can we have the old Tory party back. This Lot are just sick. IDS must be the sickest of the lot and Mr ‘kill the NHS ) HUNT is a very close second

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