Corbyn reckons the Tories are giving us a zombie democracy – to complement their zombie economy?

Democracy Day: Corbyn wants to “advance the rights of the common man and woman” [Image: Labour Party].

Jeremy Corbyn has written an article in the Mirror today (February 19), warning that the Conservative Government is trying to create a “zombie democracy” – a one-party state hiding behind a pretence of offering the people a choice.

Such a situation would be perfect for the Tories as it would complement their determination to create a zombie economy – in which the UK must sacrifice public services and the welfare of its citizens by forcing them to service the interest demands on an ever-increasing national debt.

You would end up with no choice but to work like a dog, giving up everything but subsistence rations to pay the nation’s debts, and with no choice but to vote at elections for the Conservative Party that will perpetuate the situation (we know the Tories have been deliberately over-spending where they could have saved us money), because the other parties won’t have the wherewithal to mount a decent opposition.

Further information on the zombie economy is in Kerry-Anne Mendoza’s book, Austerity: The Demolition of the Welfare State and the Rise of the Zombie Economy.

Do you vote? Perhaps you feel that marking your X won’t make any difference.

It may be you are one of nearly a million people who have gone missing since the way we register to vote was changed by this Government.

But without you, our democracy dies. And this is the very time when you are needed most.

That’s because we are now at risk of having a zombie democracy roaming around a one-party state.

No, I haven’t been binge-watching Doctor Who. But I have been watching with ever more worry how a right-wing Conservative party is grabbing the chance to lock itself into power for generations.

When my colleague, Gloria De Piero, our shadow minister for young people, met a group of young women recently to discuss what place politics had in their lives, it was no great surprise to learn that they had no faith in politicians.

Of these eight young women – all intelligent, all doing their bit for society – seven had never, ever voted.

To them, they are merely abiding by the cynical old wisecrack: ‘don’t vote, it only encourages them’.

Across the western world, younger people are making clear they are fed up with the raw deal that they are getting.

A lifetime’s worth of debt, sofa surfing or stuck at home. Lousy jobs, insecurity and a planet in crisis because of previous generations’ leaders. This is not a happy future to bequeath our kids.

For the first time in modern memory, our children will be worse off than their parents.

The eight young women, brought together by charity the Young Women’s Trust, may see politics as ‘boring’ or politicians as ‘liars’.

But they, and countless fed-up would-be voters like them, are needed more than ever because we now face nothing less than a defence of British democracy.

Next week, the Conservative Government will press on with the latest bid to tighten their grip on power.

Their anti-worker trade union bill will come before the Lords, most of whom see it as a spiteful, needless act that will only undermine long-standing efforts by decent employers and trades unions to improve industrial relations.

The bill has been ripped to shreds by everyone from the business paper, the Financial Times – which describes it as a backwards move – to the Government’s own advisers who described it as “not fit for purpose”.

Sensible Tory MPs have denounced it as something you would expect to find in the Spain of dictator General Franco.

So why does the Government press on with something almost universally attacked as bad for Britain?

Because it fits with their bigger project. Just as they are skewing economic life so that wealth is funnelled towards the 1% and away from working people, so now the party of privilege is taking us back to the days when the people were locked out of power.

Put together their attacks on unions with their rush to redraw parliamentary constituency boundaries so that the Tories have an easier path to stay in office in 2020.

Add in their moves to starve all opposition parties, not just Labour, of the few quid in state money that they rely on to function – while doing nothing to trouble the high-rolling donors who dance the night away at the Tories’ Black and White Ball.

Then there is their menacing of the BBC and their sinister message to charities to shut up or be shut down.

Current moves in Poland to unpick freedom of speech and spare the government scrutiny have so alarmed MPs there, they warn of a “creeping coup d’etat”.

But this week, the United Nations warned our Government that its moves to destroy free trade unions are in breach of international law. Time then that those who care for British freedoms find their voice too.

We always knew it was an embarrassingly hollow claim when the Tory party claimed to be the party of the working people. But now we can see that it is also deeply unpatriotic.

These islands are rightly known across the world as a cradle of free speech. Our history sings with the voices of protest and opposition, from the Peasants’ Revolt in the 14th century to the 1930s Jarrow and hunger marches to the million-strong demonstration against the Iraq War.

The movements that sprang from our streets and workplaces have won the only advances ever made by working people.

We have had less than a century of votes for all in this country. Our rights to vote and give voice to our concerns and demands are precious and very much part of what marks Britain out as a free and modern nation.

That’s why the commitment I give to you is that a Labour Government will put the people back in power.

We will declare an annual Democracy Day, when my government stands before Parliament to declare what we have done to roll back Tory attacks and advance the rights of the common man and woman.

So I beg of you: do not choose inaction over rightful anger. Don’t be silenced. Register to vote. Defend your trade unions. Be a thorn in the Government’s side. Stand up against the one-party state.

The defence of our liberty begins today.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn: I pledge to give power back to the people if Labour are elected – Jeremy Corbyn – Mirror Online

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8 thoughts on “Corbyn reckons the Tories are giving us a zombie democracy – to complement their zombie economy?

  1. Harry

    You know Mike, when Michael Meacher bless his memory, was speaking of Mr Corbyn in such glowing terms, I looked at Mr Corbyn and thought he might, if he survived the despicable Blairlites, make a diffrence. But, sadly, though he has remained true to many working class precepts, I feel that he has settled a little too far to towards the middle in an effort to avoid unmanageable hostility from the Blairlites. Real Politik I suppose, but still disappointing. His actions re Immigration too disappoint me. I wish no migrant harm nor ill will. But my view is that our current immigrant population is already way too high, and Mr Corbyns words in Calais give me pause. I have the figures of the costs involved and am fully cognisant that genuine refugees merit protection until repatriation, but that is not what is happening Mike. These people, far from being given safety are being granted EU Citizenship. Why? That is not the due for refugees, and citizenship places long term hardship on our children whose culture has been destroyed by a campaign of cultural Marxism imposed by gangsters like Soros. His groveling towards the Jewish caucus too gives me pause looking at the Palestine situation.

    His words about democracy? At what point has Great Britain ever enjoyed real democracy? Never. I will not vote. I will not again register to vote, thus withdrawing my consent. In my affidavit to the electoral authority who were threatening me with large fines or criminal proceedings I said that I would resume consent if and when Britain returned to proper lawful governance. Seems fair. Meanwhile this government of the Bankers, by the Bankers, For the Bankers, can go f*** itself.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Your consent is not applied by voting.
      You are a UK citizen. If you do not vote, then you consent to whatever is decided by those who do.

    2. John

      “Meanwhile this government of the Bankers, by the Bankers, For the Bankers, can go f*** itself.” – My apologies in advance if I’m just repeating what Mike said, but Harry, you totally and utterly puzzle me with this last remark. If you want the Tories to “go f*** itself”, how on earth is that going to happen if YOU don’t VOTE THEM OUT?????? Haven’t you just kicked yourself in the teeth with that comment, or am I missing one or two brain cells here?

      1. Malcolm MacINTYRE-READ

        I have to agree with Mike & John, Harry, much as I agree with your description of “this government of the Bankers, by the Bankers, For the Bankers” (except I would replace your choice of “B” with “W”).

        I have lived and/or worked in a number of countries across 4 continents, including a couple of real police states and others across the Iron Curtain. As such I have experience of people being tortured & executed for their efforts to obtain the right to vote. But I do worry about what appears to be an increasing tendency to vote “against” rather than “for’.

        And I do not forget that a Con Gov Min referred to people who dared to express their considered opinion by participating in a 38 Degrees petition as ‘zombies’. I pointed out to our own MP/Con Gov Min (and thus, he says, unable to disagree with the decisions of other Con Gov Mins on behalf of his constituents… all hail our REPRESENTATIVE) that the vast majority of UK voters are thinking adults, that freedom of expression is legal, and that I have a Mensa certified IQ of 152 (which I understand is reasonable). I asked if he could tell me what IQ rating the Con Gov Min who called me a zombie has?

        And answer came their none.

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