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I don’t know about you, but I’m all EU referendumed out!

If I see one more news article with David Cameron’s “determined” face reading from a script prepared by Lynton Crosby telling us he’s “battling for Britain” I think I’ll scream.

Anyway, I decided to do my own research in order to help me make up my mind and here for what its worth are the results…

Who’s out?

Courtesy of @Panopticon6 on Twitter …Villiers, Gove, Patel, Grayling, Duncan-Smith: no, not the line-up of a public services hating tribute act, but leaders of the OUT campaign.

What has the EU ever done for us?

The UK, as most of us know, is a net contributor to the EU budget. Therefore it’s understandable that people in this country want to learn more about how we benefit from our collective contribution.

Membership of the EU helps UK citizens with;



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7 thoughts on “Brexit or Bremain? | The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

  1. NMac

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one who is sick of the sight of Cameron and his nasty cronies conducting their internal Tory EU battle at the expense of the whole country.

  2. Jon Effemey

    Living in the Philippines I have just seen an ad up for a new cell phone from India at only $3.60. Out of Office workers here are getting more common and their rates of pay are pretty low. There is China very near by.
    So if the UK totally leaves any kind of trade area, can it compete with things as they are in this region the Asia Pacific and Asia in general. No!
    Jump into bed with TIPP, may be that has been the plan all along.
    Have the same status as Norway?
    The world is a hard tough place.
    Yes there is a lot wrong with the EU, but on its on the UK (England?) will vanish and simply be a spivs super tax haven.

  3. mohandeer

    My only proviso for an in vote is to have a total and utter rejection of the TTIP. We already have a Secret Court in which the government lost many millions(on one contract alone it was £700 million).
    Aside from that, we cannot see any negotiations done on our governments behalf – because they are secret. We cannot trade with whomsoever we like without prior agreement from the EU exec. Committee and if we do, we can be sued. We cannot dictate that we in Britain will not be subject to trade agreements that involve the US and it’s many illegal restraints and restrictions. There’s more but….
    Can we survive the Conservative Govt. without the legal constraints imposed by Brussels? Given that they are attacking our Human Rights, Our right to assembly using the police to intimidate us, our Union Representation Rights, currently under threat and our democracy, such as it is in a two party state, also now being rigged?
    Can we compete in other emerging markets like China and India without EU status?
    Can we, like France, demand that migrants from other countries in the EU be able to pay 200 Euros for their health care in order to be able to live here?(That’s what France, Spain and Germany do as of 2003- you need to be able to show you have the means before they will allow you to live there and you must pay for all translators in hospitals, Courts etc).

    There are pros and cons on both sides of the argument but on balance, if someone like Jeremy Corbyn were in power he would likely fight for a more democratic EU (which it most certainly isn’t at the moment) and a fairer accounting for the £9 billion we give to the EU every year.

    The fact that the likes of IDS, Grayling and Patel want out of the EU suggests that we really ought to stay in.

  4. autismandate

    I just think the whole eu referendum farce is an IDS smoke screen for one single covert agenda to get uk released from IDS’s hated ECHR . So just watch him in the forthcoming con.

  5. Chris Tandy

    I thought Camoron was “Batting for Britain”. I cannot help thinking Crosby missed a potentially useful metaphor here…..however, I feel he is about to be bowled out….

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