The number of people aged over 85 in Scotland is expected to double by 2034 [Image: Thinkstock].

The SNP constantly tells us it is a socialist party that aims to stand up for the Scottish people – yet this report shows it is not doing enough.

This is not a new criticism, either – failure in seven out of nine NHS targets, worsening over the last five years, is a damning indictment.

The excuse this time is that the report fails to take account of recent investment, but the Auditor General has said current models are unsustainable.

What will be the next excuse?

A lack of leadership and planning is preventing Scotland’s health and social care services changing fast enough, according to a report.

Research for the Auditor General and the Accounts Commission said current ways of working were unsustainable.

Challenges include an ageing population and financial pressures, the report found.

Scottish Labour public services spokesman Dr Richard Simpson said: “The SNP have had nearly a decade in power and a majority in parliament to get this right, but it simply isn’t happening. They are not only failing in seven out of nine NHS targets but that failure has steadily worsened over the last five years.”

The Scottish government said it recognised the new demands and was taking steps to counter them.

Source: Leadership warning over health and social care services – BBC News