Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish Labour leader speaks to the spring conference in Glasgow [Image: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images].

Shall we try to have a debate about this?

I know This Blog has a few pro-SNP readers; I’d like to hear from supporters of other parties in Scotland as well.

Does Ms Dugdale make a good point? Has Nicola Sturgeon supported Tory cuts? What has the SNP done to ameliorate them, if not?

Let’s tease out the facts if we can – and please, let’s be civil about it.

SNP Party annual conference 2014

Scottish Labour is to promise voters it would never cut taxes at the same time as cutting spending, in an effort to step up attacks on Nicola Sturgeon’s record as first minister.

Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish Labour leader, told her party’s spring conference in Glasgow she would introduce strict fiscal rules to stop Holyrood from cutting taxes and spending at the same time, as a poll highlighted her party’s dire popularity rating.

In a direct challenge to the Scottish National party leader, Dugdale accused Sturgeon of hypocrisy for rejecting Labour’s proposal for a 1p increase in Scottish income tax rates while allowing Holyrood to become “a conveyor belt for Tory cuts” in her government’s recent budget.

Dugdale said many Scots were excited when Sturgeon promised she would be “the great anti-austerity alternative” in last year’s general election television debates, which established the first minister’s reputation.

But Sturgeon then “came home to force through the Tories’ cuts in Scotland. Because we don’t get Nicola the socialist who says let’s change things, we get Nicola the nationalist who says we can’t,” Dugdale said.

Source: Kezia Dugdale: Holyrood under SNP is ‘a conveyor belt for Tory cuts’ | Politics | The Guardian