Blairite fury over Corbyn poll boost | NEWS CRASHER


This is satirical, of course. But one has to wonder whether John Woodcock, Jamie Reed, Angela Smith, Simon Danczuk, Chuka Umunna, Hilary Benn, or any of the others who have spoken against him, have the same views.

A number of right-wing Blairite MPs have voiced outrage over the rising popularity of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, after several polls suggested he is now more popular than hard-right Prime Minister David Cameron.

An anonymous Labour MP told Newscrasher: “Jeremy Corbyn’s rising popularity is a … disaster for those of us who broadly agree with Tory austerity.

“It just isn’t realistic to think that Labour could win a general election on a platform of getting the wealthy to pair their fair share of tax, and using the money to improve the lives of the poor. With Corbyn at the helm, the party is totally unelectable as far as voters earning £100,000 or more are concerned. ”

Source: Blairite fury over Corbyn poll boost | NEWS CRASHER

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20 thoughts on “Blairite fury over Corbyn poll boost | NEWS CRASHER

  1. Lynn Dye

    And this anonymous MP doesn’t realise that there are so many more of us earning UNDER £100,000 that at last has someone to vote for?

    Oh, the irony!

  2. jeffrey davies

    there we have it their words An anonymous Labour MP told Newscrasher: “Jeremy Corbyn’s rising popularity is a … disaster for those of us who broadly agree with Tory austerity. cross the floor havent they got it greedie mps aint to be tolerated in a labour party

  3. roybeiley

    Oh how I hate those “anonymous”Labour MP’s getting credibility in the media. Who do think that those earning over £100,000 pa would vote anything but Tory anyway? They should form their own Party calling it something like “Newcons Party”with a rallying slogan of “Britain Needs Austerity”. See how popular that would be.

  4. steven mcguire

    in my eyes the torys are finished a lot of people sat up took notice when they more or less tried to take away PIP from the sick and disabled but what more could you ask the torys to do i hope we stay in europe or we might have boris karloff and is side kicks govern us i think that would be worse what i would like to say is never to vote another tory goverment in

  5. mohandeer

    Well let’s face it, most people on £74 per week aren’t going to fill Labour’s coffers and the many millions living on less than an affordable income won’t have too much spare change. That leaves them (and I mean us, as well) with the middle class with cash to spare. Though why, when they have done so well under Cameron, the right wingers and Blairites think the middle class would vote Labour under any elitist prick defies understanding. Unless of course they intend to indulge them at the expense of the poor and disabled and all those other “spongers”. No I’m not talking about the Corporatists and wealthy classes, they are a different kind of sponger, I’m talking about people on zero hour contracts like those the Queen employs because our taxes don’t pay her enough,and the self employed without the means to make ends meet, the disabled being forced onto “Workfare” unpaid, the single mums with only 30 hours a week, my fingers have gone to sleep….

  6. ain Moncrieff

    Just what planet does the anonymous – so brave – pink tory come from ? Of course the imbalance of wealth has been a central part of the Government’s redistribution of
    money from the poor to the rich. Any Labour supporter would support a move in the opposite direction as being a basic tenet of proper Labour politics. Most rich people and corporations are money junkies, they can never get enough: even if it means killing poor and disadvantaged people. I expect to see a lot of cold turkey and the banishment of all Blairites from the party.The icing on the cake would be to put IDS
    on trial for deception and manslaughter.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      While I like much of what you write, I should probably remind you that the article I quoted was satirical.
      The rule of thumb around here is that any quote attributed to someone without a name attached must be fake.
      That’s true of regular news items as well as satiricals.

  7. Neilth

    I know this is the wrong thread for this but have you seen the new petition for the government to cut the foreign aid budget from 0.7%. The petition has been started by the rabid right Daily Liar and I can’t find a counter petition. Maybe someone more clued in than me could start one for me to sign please.

  8. James Kemp (@Belthrud)

    >> With Corbyn at the helm, the party is totally unelectable as far as voters earning £100,000 or more are concerned. ”

    GOOD! Who here honestly thinks anyone on that much money will ever vote Labour? They are conservatives if you earn that much money then it’s all about keeping as much of it as possible and who cares about the poor!

    Before i was disabled i used to earn major money and yup i didn’t care had a major wake up call and get it now but i remember what i used to be like…

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The article was satirical, you know, but it’s worth pointing out that the Labour Party is a mass-appeal political organisation and earnings should not matter more than a desire to have the country run fairly. I know plenty of rich people who support Labour.

  9. Terry Davies

    Surely its a game of numbers. How many Labour voters earn £100,000. then think how many are right wing and opportunists but dont agree with tory austerity.?
    there would be diminishing numbers of right wing austerity believers. these are clearly in the wrong party as they are unrealistic in not wanting a left wing influence in an essentially left wing political party.

  10. aussieeh

    You know about many a true word spoken in jest Mike, and let’s face it all the above comments in the article have been quoted in one rag or another. Sorry not been about much over the last five month, spent all Christmas and New Year and now easter in Hospital. May I say while here on your site, A BIG THANK YOU to all NHS Medical Staff at Royal Bolton Hospital for keeping me alive. A collapsed Lung and pneumonia on top of all the other degenerative ailments and disabilities I have is no laughing matter. All the Nursing staff and Doctors keep a good sense of humor.Not easy when you’re, Far, Far too much overworked and underpaid. By the way I advertised your Blog to a ward full of Nurses and Doctors; you should have a few more fans soon. Take care my friend and keep up the Good work.

  11. aussieeh

    Thanks for the good wishes Mike. This is the worst winter I’ve had so far. I know this has nothing to do with the article, but for weeks I have seen the morale drained from these caring people, who have worked 12 hour plus shifts non stop

  12. aussieeh

    Sorry about this, comment submitted before I had finished. They had worked the shifts day and night without taking any of their frustration out on any patients even the nasty ones, believe me there were quite a few of those, and the names these caring people were called . I almost got myself into afew brawls. The attitude of these patients just reminded me of Tories.I want it now you stupid b***h, come on I’ve been waiting five minutes, while other patients were crying in agony. Welcome to Tory Britain

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