The Cameron family manipulated tax law to withhold a fortune. Why are we tolerating it?

Protesters gathered in their thousands outside Downing Street to demand David Cameron's resignation yesterday (April 9). This image sums up public feeling.

Protesters gathered in their thousands outside Downing Street to demand David Cameron’s resignation yesterday (April 9). This image sums up public feeling.

This was a systematic scheme to avoid paying possible hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax to the UK Treasury – by the Cameron family.

Firstly, the family home was handed over to elder son Alexander in 2006, avoiding a fortune in Inheritance Tax.

Then David Cameron received £300,000 from his father’s will – an amount slightly lower than the Inheritance Tax threshold of £325,000.

Now it has emerged that Mary Cameron has given the prime minister a tax-free sum of £200,000 in two payments, to “even up” the amounts left to the Cameron children.

Examining this information, perhaps we should start by asking what parent would set out to leave one child more than others? Mine wouldn’t. And David Cameron’s protestations of love for his father suggest that his wouldn’t, either.

So why give more to one child and leave less to the others?

It has to be a pre-planned tax avoidance strategy – in which David Cameron would logically have been a willing participant.

Now let’s look at the ‘source’ close to the Cameron’s who said it was “the kind of sensible, perfectly legal and proper tax planning that millions of ordinary people do”.

How many millions of “ordinary people” have that kind of money to splash around?

Why is this behaviour still legal? Oh yes – David Cameron and George Osborne haven’t changed tax law in accordance with the wishes of the UK electorate to make it a crime.

So the comment that Cameron believes “everyone should obey the tax law at all times and he has done” is tainted by the fact that his tax law favours what he and his family have done to avoid paying tax.

This is the prime minister of the United Kingdom, people! And he has deliberately withheld money owed to the state. Why are we still tolerating his presence in Parliament?

David Cameron faced a fresh row over his personal wealth last night when it emerged he stands to avoid a £70,000 tax bill following his father’s death.

His mother Mary gave him an extra £200,000 months after stockbroker Ian Cameron died in September 2010, having left his son £300,000 in his will. It meant the money was paid to the Prime Minister free of Inheritance Tax (IHT).

If his father had left him £500,000 in a lump sum, £70,000 of it would have had to be paid to the Inland Revenue.

All bequests over £325,000 are subject to a 40 per cent tax levy.

A source close to the Prime Minister vehemently denied any wrongdoing, saying: ‘This is the kind of sensible, perfectly legal and proper tax planning that millions of ordinary people do.’

The source said Mr Cameron had no idea his mother planned to give him and his two sisters extra money after their father’s death.

After receiving £300,000 in his father’s will in December 2010, the PM’s mother gave him two additional sums of £100,000 – tax-free – in May and July 2011.

He used £137,500 to buy the field adjoining his house in Oxfordshire.

Mrs Cameron is said to have given the extra amount to the Prime Minister – with similar amounts to his sisters – to ‘even out’ the division of their father’s wealth among his four children.

Mr Cameron’s elder brother Alexander was given ownership of the main family home in Oxfordshire in 2006, worth £2.5 million.

This appears to have been designed to take advantage of the ‘seven-year rule’ which can reduce – or wipe out – IHT.

‘When she looked at things after her husband’s death, the Prime Minister’s mother felt it was important to even out the way the money was shared between all four children,’ said the source.

The source said the Prime Minister had no idea his mother intended to give him the money, nor had he been involved in any family discussions about the matter before his father’s death.

Asked if the Prime Minister believed he or his family had done anything wrong, the source said: ‘The Prime Minister believes everyone should obey the tax law at all times and he has done.’

Source: David Cameron’s tax bill dodge over mother’s £200k gift adds more pressure on PM | Daily Mail Online

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19 thoughts on “The Cameron family manipulated tax law to withhold a fortune. Why are we tolerating it?

  1. NMac

    As I have already commented, I am convinced that the whole Cameron family is thoroughly dishonest and totally corrupt. It has taken a long time for the truth to finally emerge.

  2. MarkG

    Make it compulsory for MPs to have their bank accounts checked each year. After all people on benefits have their accounts looked at. Lets see if the likes of Gideon have been given favours of Yen. Also cash given by company’s given government contracts, cash for questions etc. This is the most corrupt diseased evil putrid murdering so called government ever.

  3. mohandeer

    I have concerns that if Cameron is forced to quit the referendum will be cancelled and blamed on all those who wanted him out. Whilst I now wish there was no referendum scheduled it would be wrong to deny those who want out a voice. We live in a democracy after all, sort of.
    Some good articles on the reasons we should stay in are available on this site (project syndicate) as previous posts. Might be a good idea to get them out there?–el-erian-2016-03
    and others.

  4. Barry Davies

    This is the man who says we are all in it together then waste £9.5 million tax payers money on propaganda leaflets, and claims £50.000 for a dresser for his wife, we know he is a proven liar so when he says he won’t benefit in the future from his fathers tax evasion it actually means he has benefited already.

  5. Michael Broadhurst

    as i have previously said,i wouldn’t believe Camoron or any of his cronies if they told me the world was round.

  6. Mr.Angry.

    He is just one to be found out, how many more in the Tory party employ the same tactics as Cameron’s family. I’ll bet my bottom dollar there will be quite a few shaking in their boots.

    Note Osborne being very quiet at the moment one wonders why !!

  7. Jane Jacques

    This probably is what asset rich, but not tradionally wealthy families do with house prices having risen the way they have. If Cameron has a few bob I don’t have a problem with that. We knew he wasn’t down to his last quid.

    My problems with him and his money start with his inherited unearned wealth and privilege, the inequality at birth which he and his Government is now increasing. How he and Osborne have imposed austerity on this country, cutting public services, with wages trailing, benefits being cut, sanctions increases resulting with this, the rise of food banks in a rich country. We are not in this together. I could go on and on, blah blah blah.

    What would the late, great Clement Attlee think, whose post war Labour Gorverment introduced Inheritance Tax to reduce inequality? Oh and don’t forget Sam and her aristo money, ker-ching!!

  8. hilary772013

    We are all in it together?? as the Tory double speak goes… YES! the bloody rich are All In It Together, how many more of them have avoided/evaded TAX?
    We the ordinary people HAVE to PAY our TAXES.. makes my blood boil.

  9. Helen

    Of course they manipulated the Tax Law. They are not stupid and neither are the general public!

  10. Lawrence Roberts

    Unfortunately, all of it technically legal due to laws passed by previous Tory Governments. Some retroactive laws to size the monies and incarcerate the culprits is required. This is the tip of the iceberg.

  11. Jane

    I fully agree why so much secrecy about his families ties with these offshore accounts if he’s not trying to hide something big??? i’m quite looking forward to seeing Osbornes tax returns as i gather he doesn’t pay [ax at all on his families business…what a greedy lot these people are

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      By those who participate in it, perhaps.
      By the rest of us, it’s called “tax avoidance”.

  12. Terry Davies

    has all the facts been made accessible? unlikely that Cameron has had a twinge conscience.

  13. Colin Glazebrook

    “This is the kind of sensible, perfectly legal and proper tax planning that millions of ordinary people do.”
    They really haven’t got a clue what life is like for “ordinary” people. As far as I’m concerned, when the filthy rich avoid paying tax like this, it’s about a moral as hoarding food during a famine.

  14. mrmarcpc

    There should be a petition to call for a vote of no confidence to get rid of Camoron! We were never all in this together, not when the tories are in charge, it’s always one rule for them and living very nicely and one rule for us and suffering without anything and any hope!

  15. dsj

    The thing is, he specifically requested that the new E.U laws be altered just before release, which were written to weasel out this sort of corruption… Anyway the greedy cameron asked it be watered down, the Prime minister asked that trusts and recipients be allowed to maintain annonymity… After the Panama Papers, it shows now exactly why he pushed for shose exemptions and he did it for his own PERSONAL gain as well as the pig perving chums. He has to go just for this, the man is a murdering, thieving hypocrite that supports saudi, turkey, israel just to name a few. Then has the nerve to critisize Russia, Iran, Syria etc etc… I know who is evil and who I would trust with my life. It aint the hypocrites!

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